Eight Sleep's Pod Pro Is The Perfect Mattress

When someone decides to make a change to their routine, the last thing they consider is how they sleep. Maybe they're worried about their diet or how often they exercise, but never how their sleep can affect them. My problem exactly, especially once I started working from home. My entire circadian rhythm was off. Come 11pm, a rush of cortisol would hit me and any chance of shut-eye before 2am pretty much went out the window.

I tried a few of those melatonin gummies, but I unfortunately did not see any results. After some research, I realized that it wasn't my body preventing me from getting sleep, it was my mattress. It was just too hot. I set up fans all over my room, but didn't notice any change. So I decided to take charge of my well-being - not by joining a gym or adopting a new diet, but by buying a new mattress.

Over the next two weeks, I asked my friends where they bought their mattresses and what they look for when purchasing one. I received a slew of suggestions, each advocating for a different brand or feature. One person mentioned that I should buy a mattress with cooling technology, while another recommended that I purchase one that could track my sleep cycle. I even tried out my friend's cooling mattress, but was ultimately unimpressed.

It seemed like there wasn't a single mattress out there that combined all of these features--especially one that actually cooled you overnight. I was ready to give up until a friend told me that she just purchased a mattress from a brand called Eight Sleep. She raved about them - calling it, "the perfect mattress."

Eight Sleep's Pod Pro is unlike anything I've ever slept on. Between its unbelievable comfort and cutting-edge features like GentleRise and cooling technology, the Pod Pro is designed to help you understand your sleep. Here are six reasons why the Pod Pro is the best-valued smart mattress on the market.

Climate control

The Pod Pro uses an Active Grid (the thermoregulating layer of the bed) with Comfort Blend to allow water to flow from its source to the thin contouring layer. The Active Grid cover also includes sensors that track your biometrics and an integrated layer of foam for extra comfort. Water is stored in a Hub, a small but sleek canister that fits next to your nightstand.

I never knew that a climate controlled bed existed, and turns out that Eight Sleep Active Grid is one-of-a-kind. I'm the type of sleeper who vigorously moves around, sleeps with an army of fans around their bed, and often sleeps without any blankets. EightSleep's climate control is the first time I found a mattress that allowed me to sleep comfortably!

Sleep better - with or without a partner

With the Pod Pro's temperature regulation controls, say goodbye to blanket hogging. The Pod Pro is divided into two zones to adjust the temperature based on individual schedules and preferences. Users can choose between 55 and 110F on each side of the bed and temperature can easily be adjusted using the Eight Sleep app.

Speaking from experience, I slept by myself and still fell in love with Pod Pro's temperature regulation controls. Sometimes I find myself too hot and too cold on the same night. It can be a never-ending process of getting up, adjusting the air conditioner, changing clothes and rolling back into bed. Thanks to the Pod Pro, all I have to do is roll on to the other side of the bed and I'm golden!

GentleRise technology

Have you ever suffered from hitting snooze on your alarm only to wake an hour later than you planned?

Waking up is always a pain. It's startling, uncomfortable, and not very conducive to a peaceful and rejuvenating sleep. However, with Eight Sleep's proprietary GentleRise technology, you are woken up by gentle vibrations at the chest level while the mattress gradually cools or warms to your preference. This was one of my favorite features since it really helped me start my day off on the right note.

Next-level comfort

Meet the next evolution of memory foam. The Pod Pro utilizes five layers of CertiPUR-US-certified foam to create a medium-level of firmness and contouring support. The 12" premium foam mattress is encased in a breathable cover and features an additional layer of foam in its Active Grid which works with the other layers to deliver a personalized microclimate to each side of the mattress.

Monitor your health

The Pod Pro is the first mattress with built-in HRV (heart rate variable) monitoring and includes other biometrics such as Resting Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Sleep Stages, and Sleep Time. HRV variations are used to help you track your health and anticipate fatigue and illness. As an added bonus, the Pod's free app lets you access personal health and sleep reports. I never realized how much fun tracking your sleep could be. It's so gratifying being able to see your progress as your sleep habits improve.

We spend nearly half of the day on our mattress, so why are we so cavalier towards quality and comfort? Maybe because we're often focused on wellness during the day--a time when we can actively control what we do. But that's the point. We can't control how we sleep. We move, shimmy, and rustle throughout the night only to wake up in a heap of sweat and discomfort.

Do yourself a favor and upgrade your mattress to the award-winning Pod Pro.

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