The Smart Mattress That Every Gym Newbie and Fitness Fanatic Needs

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Being fit is important, but people are unaware of the importance of also being sleep fit.

Sleep fitness is about advancing your health through sleep. If you're sleep fit, you're sharper, faster, and will perform at a higher level physically and mentally than if you're deprived of quality sleep.

And vice versa – after exercise, sleep gives your body time to recover, conserve energy, and repair and build up the muscles worked during a workout.

Anyone who exercises regularly needs to be getting good sleep, and Eight Sleep's temperature-controlled mattress has features that can help even the worst sleepers get their full night's rest.

The mattress works with an innovative cover equipped with sensors that leverage your sleeping patterns, allowing you to analyze and optimize your nights' rest on Eight Sleep's app.

Here are three types of fitness people that could definitely benefit from an Eight Sleep mattress…

1.The Gym Newbie

If you're new to the gym, your muscles are definitely super sore all the time. We've all been there – it almost makes you want to quit. But adequate sleep has been proven to help motivate you to stick to your exercise plan. It may be obvious, but one of the best cures for sore muscles is rest, and sleep is super important, especially when you first start a new exercise routine.

On top of that, one of the main things that can help sore muscles after exercise is heat. People often recommend warm showers, but an Eight Sleep mattress could be great for carefully heating your muscles, or cooling you down after a full-body workout - whatever temperature you choose, it will help you get the optimal amount of sleep your body needs.

2.Recovering From An Injury

If you're someone who's used to working out, chances are you may have injured yourself before - if not more than once. Apart from the obvious remedies like icing and elevating the injury, recovering from a workout injury, such as a muscle strain or sprained ankle, involves a lot of rest. Rest and sleep give your body the best chance to recover.

The deep sleep phase is where muscle and tissue growth and repair happens. Eight sleep members see, on average, a 17% increase in the amount of deep sleep they get per night after the first 60 days on the Pod.

3.The Marathon Runner

If you're someone who runs regularly, then you know how you sleep has a huge impact on your training. Not getting a full night's sleep can decrease performance, cardiovascular endurance, and perception of effort. Plus, lack of sleep impacts a runner's ability to regulate body temperature - something that is essential for a cardio workout as your body needs to warm itself up for an intense workout and to burn calories.

Not to mention, those pre-race jitters you feel the night before a big race, which means you can't sleep - and in turn, can't perform your best.

Being sleep fit is essential for prime physical performance, and a good mattress is essential for deep sleep. The Eight Sleep pod is equipped with layer upon layer of reaction foams for the perfect mix of plush and firm. It also allows you to track your REM sleep, set alarms, regulate temperature, and more - all syncing with an app on your phone.

Temperature sensors continually work throughout the night to keep the temperature consistent, which you can control down to the degree. The most impressive part is that you can control each side of the mattress separately - in case you and your partner prefer different sleep temperatures.

We'd recommend the Eight Sleep mattress to any fitness person, or anyone who just wants to become sleep fit.

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