The Best Smart Wallet of 2024! Here’s What We Found

Ekster & Ridge Review - RFID Wallets With Solar Powered GPS Tracking Make Life Easier.

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Today it feels like everything has gone smart. Smartphones, smart televisions, smartwatches, and of course, the newest big thing, the smart wallet. How can a wallet be smart? And why would anyone need that?!

We had the same questions, so we did some research.

It turns out wallets can serve more than just the purpose of holding your cash and cards - there are wallets that can protect your cards from electronic theft. There are even wallets that you can track with your phone when you've misplaced it. These are undoubtedly useful features.

We decided to try out the top smart wallets on the market, compare them, and figure out which one is the ultimate, smartest wallet. Although we also bought wallets from Secrid and Forrest & Harold, we settled on Ekster and Ridge as our top two. Here's what we found:

(TLDR: in a hurry? Scroll down to our Overall Verdict to see why we're hailing Ekster as the slimmest and smartest winner.)

Ekster Review

Ekster wallets are incredibly attractive, thanks to handcrafted sustainable leathers in a good range of colors. Starting at 0.15 inches (0.38cm), Ekster is also officially the slimmest smart wallet on the market, but it still holds 7 cards and has a strap for cash. With the click of a button, all the cards pop up for easy access. Ekster wallets also have RFID protection, which stops pickpockets swiping your data and electronic theft of your cards.

Ekster wallets have solar-powered tracker cards that allow you to call your phone or wallet when you lose it or track it on a map. You can even take selfies in your phone with the tracker card, and connect your wallet to your Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Siri.

Eksterwallets are affordable, starting at just $62, so they're great for gifting.

Ridge Review

Ridge wallets are very sturdy and made from aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber. They're small and resistant to being stretched out, but not as slim. They can hold up to 12 cards and have the option for a cash strap, a money clip, or both. They're unique and minimal, but come in a wide variety of colors and prints such as rose gold, navy, and even a tropical print!

Overall Verdict

Ekster, Secrid, and Ridge have an elevated look compared to other wallets, along with a revolutionary design when it comes to their card design. However, the cold and metallic material of both Secrid and Ridge's wallets aren't for everyone, and we personally were fans of Ekster's sophisticated leather look.

While each wallet features RFID protection, what makes Ekster stand out is the solar-powered tracking card, which fits almost invisibly into the back of the wallet. This is what truly makes them a smart wallet - if you lose your wallet, you can track it from your phone!

Between the two, Ekster wallets are slimmer, more affordable, and have the best card pop-up feature. If you're looking for a convenient, trackable, and aesthetically pleasing wallet,Eksteris the clear winner.

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