Need A New Wallet? Take This Quiz To Find The Perfect Wallet For You

How old is your wallet? Think back to that moment when you picked up a simple leather cardholder and thought to yourself, "Yeah I guess this is good enough." But why should you settle for the first wallet you find? Between quality and functionality, there are countless styles and variations available.

Finding the perfect wallet is no simple task. You have to think about what type of wallet will suit your lifestyle best. Are you mostly carrying around cards or cash? Do you tend to lose your wallet a lot? How easy is it for you to access the contents of your wallet? Then you have to think about the color and style. All of these questions come into play when making a decision.

Luckily, Ekster simplifies this task through its innovative line of smart wallets. Ekster is renowned for its sophisticated and sleek wallets made from the highest quality leather that also come fully equipped with high-tech features such as trackability and RFID protection. With such an innovative take, they're on a mission to make your wallet easier to use and harder to lose.

Ekster offers four versions of its sought-after wallet--the Parliament Wallet, the Senate Cardholder, the Modular Secretary, and the Secretary Sleeve. Given a variety of leather goods, it's quite difficult to find the best one suited for your style and needs.

Can't decide? Consisting of only six questions, Ekster's wallet-match quiz is the perfect way to determine which of their sleek four wallets are most appropriate for you. The first two questions are predicated on functionality. First, you're asked about the number of cards you carry on a daily basis. From there, Ekster will ask if you typically carry cash or coins. These questions help them figure out if you're looking for a bifold wallet or cardholder.

Once Ekster determines your functional needs, the quiz will begin honing in on your aesthetic preferences. You're asked about what size, style, and color you most prefer. Styles range classic, sporty, and sleek, while colors vary by model.

The most unusual question is saved for last. Near the end of the questionnaire, Ekster will ask if you ever lose your wallet. Why would they ask that? The Parliament Wallet--Ekster's flagship product--features a tracker card that allows you to track your wallet from your phone (and vice versa). The tracker card is connected to a worldwide lost and found network and uses solar power to guarantee that it never runs out of juice.

If you're looking to ditch that ragged and torn wallet, then take Ekster's super-quick 15 second quiz to find your dream wallet in no time!

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