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I've been a parent for a while now, and I've discovered something - the older a kid gets, the pickier their appetite becomes. They've become so particular about what they'll eat, I was starting to go crazy. Coming up with a dinner for four, every night of the week that everyone likes makes family meals feel impossible.

Thankfully, I found EveryPlate. This meal kit service has taken the guesswork out of cooking… and saved my sanity, too.

For anyone who's thinking of giving EveryPlate a try, here are some things I've learned since our family signed on.

What's EveryPlate?

Tried, tasted, and trusted by a growing number of households across the country, EveryPlate's a meal kit subscription that delivers all the essentials for a home-cooked dinner.

You choose the meals you want for a week, and they send you a box with pre-portioned ingredients, quality produce, and simple 6-step recipe cards. So, you can make home-cooked meals easily and efficiently. Plan options include 3, 4, or 5, meals per week for 2 or 4 people, so there's really something for everyone.

And the taste? Truly yum.

Dinnertime Made Easy
Ingredients & Recipe Cards Delivered To Your Door
Try EveryPlate For $1.79 A Meal Now!

How Much Variety Does Their Menu Have?

The weekly rotating menu includes flavorful and familiar favorites. The Crispy Caesar Chicken was a huge hit in our house. Their selections also include vegetarian fare like the Cheesy Gnocchi Bake.

EveryPlate offers 14 new recipes a week, so you'll never have a bland and boring meal again. You are even 2 add on portions available to get extra meat, guaranteeing you're all set.

Is It Good Quality?

The ingredients are fresh, and they taste as good as they look. I'm not exaggerating when I say the whole family's been wiping up every last drop. It doesn't get any more satisfying than that.

How Long Do The Meals Take To Cook?

Not long at all. EveryPlate recipes have only 6 simple steps, which means minimal prep, minimal washing up, and maximum flavor. Streamlined steps and ingredients mean you'll have dinner on the table for 2 - 4 people in 30 minutes on average! It's the smartest way to cook from scratch.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you're worried that home meal delivery is beyond your budget, EveryPlate's just what you've been looking for. They keep costs low by delivering the precise amount of ingredients, so there's very little food waste and no-frills.

Plus, I've done some comparison shopping, and EveryPlate is by far the lowest costing meal kit service out there. Super easy, tasty dinners start from just $4.99 per plate even at full price.

Am I Locked Into A Subscription?

No. Simply sign up, customize your menu, skip, or cancel at any time. Never feel boxed in with EveryPlate.

Eating at home is a joy again, thanks to EveryPlate. The kids love to help in the kitchen and they love eating the meals even more! No more convenient-but-unhealthy takeout or microwave dinners. No more grocery store lines or last-minute ingredient scrambles.

EveryPlate has redefined the cooking process and turned dinnertime into valuable family time again.

Get Meals For Just $1.79 Plus 20% Off Your Next Two Weeks!

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