Explore New Meals With Green Chef

Explore New Meals With Green Chef

Going Keto seems easy enough on paper, but in reality, it’s a true challenge. I’ve spent more time than you can imagine wandering the grocery store aisles trying to figure out if items are Keto-friendly.

I tried a meal kit at one point, but my family has so many different needs. My husband is a gluten-free aspirant, my kids want anything quick - I’m looking at you chicken nuggets - and I’m focused on Keto. I was totally overwhelmed until I heard about Green Chef’s new offering where you can mix and match different meals from multiple dietary preferences in one box. It doesn’t lock you into any one plan but allows you to order a variety of meals that suit a number of lifestyles.

When I saw that Green Chef is USDA-Certified CCOF organic, I immediately signed up for a box - and I haven’t looked back!

Here are 7 reasons why Green Chef makes Keto easy and our family’s dinnertime easy and delicious:

1. Unique Ingredients

Everyone automatically assumes that Keto recipes are bland, but Green Chef's wizard chefs craft recipes with unique ingredients you won't find anywhere else. They use farm-fresh ingredients that are all GMO-free like figs, artichokes, almonds, red kale and yellow squash that make for flavorful meals.

2. Multiple Dietary Options

Besides the Keto plan, Green Chef has vegetarian and vegan options along with Fast & Fit, Mediterranean, and Gluten-Free plans. Simply choose the number of people - 2,4 or 6 and whether you prefer 3 or 4 meals a week.

3. Don't Box Yourself In

With Green Chef's new dietary offering where you can mix and match different meals from dietary preferences in one box, you aren’t limited to just one type of food. You can sample meals from all 6 plans - Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Mediterranean, Keto + Paleo, or Fast & Fit.

Enjoy the Fast & Fit Middle Eastern-Style Beef Bowls and the Mediterranean Italian Barramundi & Red Pepper Gremolata in one box - the choice is yours!

4. Delivered Right To Your Door

Green Chef delivers all pre-packaged ingredients to your door, so there’s no more shopping. Plus, their packaging is recyclable, and they offset the carbon footprint of each box. All plans are completely flexible, so you can pause, skip a week, or opt out whenever you like.

5. Save Time

Green Chef’s meals come pre-prepped with pre-chopped ingredients and a step-by-step cooking guide - with pictures! - that helps you create mouth-watering recipes that can be plated in about 30-minutes! That 30-minutes gives you back time so you can get the laundry done and sneak in an extra episode of must-watch TV. Additionally, Green Chef also has mouth watering pre-made sauces.

6. Boredom No More!

Thanks to the new dietary offering where you can mix and match meals from different dietary preferences in one box and Green Chef’s weekly rotating menu that features 24new recipes, there’s always something to try. Your confidence won’t fizzle out with Green Chef.

7. Diets Made Easy

Green Chef makes sticking to a lifestyle so achievable. The meals are pre-portioned, so you’re completely satisfied. With meals starting at only $11.99 per serving, it’s a perfect choice - your tummy and your wallet will be happy.

They’re even offering customers $135 off across 5 boxes, First Box Ships Free! So, act now and mix & match some incredible meals.

Green Chef plays a significant part in my life - my entire family has never felt better.

Put yourself first and give Keto with Green Chef a try, today!

Our friends at Green Chef are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to $135 off across your first 5 boxes!

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