How FabFitFun Gave Me My “Me-Time” Back

Every Mom Needs This One Subscription Box

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When my son turned one last year, I was determined to throw a memorable party -- not for him (I mean, he's not going to remember it), but to celebrate all the hard work my husband and I have put in over the last year.

The sleepless nights, the crying (him and us) - it all really tested us, but now our healthy, happy one-year-old is the joy of my life. We threw him a dinosaur-themed party, and I baked a cake in the shape of a T-rex - it nearly lived up to the Pinterest version!

My best friend knew how hard I'd worked on the decorations, so she showed up to the party with a dino sweater for him and a gift for me - a FabFitFun box. I expected that once I had kids, I'd never get a gift again.

She told me that her coworker had gifted one to her right after she had her daughter, and it was the only thing that kept her sane.

Over a paper cup of lime green Raptor Punch, she told me about the joy and the crushing exhaustion she experienced, too - she said the first time she felt like herself again after having her daughter was one night where her husband suggested she take time for herself.

She confessed to me she hadn't showered in 3 days, from stress, so when she finally had an hour, she decided to make the most out of it.

She lit a candle: the D.L. & Co. Blackberry Nectar Gold Candle she received. She inhaled deeply, then nearly fell asleep in the tub. After shaving, she said she slathered herself in a beach butter body cream (Anderson Lilley's in Sicilian Tangerine).

Surrounded by luxury gifts, she said she felt like she could finally indulge for once.

I couldn't remember the last time I had truly indulged. I'd shrugged off the self-care movement as frivolous, but a luxurious bath probably was good for my mental health.

When the party was over, and Marshall was sleeping soundly (and the baby, too), I opened up my gift - I was surprised to see so many products! The sheer volume was incredible; I felt like a kid during the holidays. The first few items wowed me: a yoga mat from Anthropologie, a pack of shimmering gold eye masks (I'll definitely be using those!), and a beautiful wooden cheese board. There was also a bottle of body butter lotion, cute exfoliating sugar cubes for the shower, and much more!

I couldn't believe how much they gave me - I was still worried that my friend had spent a fortune on me, but I looked it up and the box was only $49.99 - but with over a $200 value. I got the Fall box, and found out they deliver at the start of every season.

Since I used every single item in the box, I looked into signing up for a membership, so I could get the Winter box - I really needed some surprise TLC on my doorstep.

My mother-in-law gifted me a massage for my birthday, but I still hadn't redeemed it. I was dreading the hassle of finding a substantial block of time for the massage - that would also mean more time away from my husband and son. Getting a new box of goodies just for me delivered right to my door means I can pamper myself even in the middle of a Peppa Pig marathon.

When I signed up, I saw that you have the freedom to customize some options in the box based on your likes and dislikes, but for me, letting the FabFitFun editors work their magic and make the decisions is the biggest treat. Everything about this box has brought me joy, and it has made me realize the value of regularly treating myself.

Not only have I discovered so many new and useful products, but FabFitFun has also reminded me that to spoil my son with love, I need to take time to spoil myself, too.

I learned how to indulge myself again, and that it's not a bad thing.

Since many of the items I received were worth more individually than the price of the entire box, I can't imagine a better and more affordable way to shop for myself. So if you're reading, thanks, FabFitFun!

UPDATE: FabFitFun is giving our readers $10 OFF their first box! That's $200+ of products for $39.99. New Members, Follow This Link To Snag A Box Before It's Sold Out!

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