Fabletics vs. Lululemon vs. Nike: My Honest Review

Fabletics vs. Lululemon vs. Nike: My Honest Review

Last year I had two New Year's resolutions: get into better shape and save money. With an improved diet and consistent workout sessions, I’m proud to say I nailed that first one. The second one… not so much.

As a regular lifter, I need workout clothes that are comfortable, high quality, and perform well in sweaty conditions. Like everyone on the planet, I’ve tried Nike and Lululemon apparel, which were solid. But every time I purchased an item my bank account screamed.

After seeing countless ads about Fabletics’ crazy low prices, I decided to see if the hype was real. Could I save money on gym gear without sacrificing quality?

I ordered the One Short Lined 7in, the Go-To Joggers, and the 24/7 Tee to see how they compare to the activewear giants like Nike and Lulu. Here’s a breakdown by clothing type:


Every lifter knows that a good pair of shorts is essential — especially for leg day.

My Nike Unlimited 2-1 Versatile Shorts ($60) are decent, but I’m unimpressed with how they fit. I know it sounds impossible but they are both too big and too small at the same. The liner is tight and constricting while the shorts themselves are huge. The large leg openings also make me look like I skipped leg day, even though I hit them twice a week.

The Pace Breaker Lined Shorts 7" ($78) from Lululemon are definitely high quality and function well. My only complaint is that they’re pretty loose around my thighs, and do not give my quads the justice they deserve. For $78, I expect something that fits a little better.

Now for the Fabletics 7” One Short Lined (2 for $19 when I became a new VIP). These shorts feature a comfortable lining that holds my phone securely while doing any exercise. The fit of these shorts makes my legs look proportionate and toned. Plus, the quality and materials feel the same if not better than Nike and Lululemon. I can’t believe that when I signed up for a Fabletics Men VIP membership I got two of them for only $19!


Similar to my Nike shorts, I’m not a fan of the fit of my Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Joggers ($125). Although the material feels fantastic, the fit gets pretty tight once I get a leg pump going. Not worth the price in my opinion.

My Lulu Surge Joggers ($118) may look sleek but they just don’t have the stretch I need for deep squats and lunges. I end up wearing them to the office instead of the gym due to their stiff construction.

The Go-To Joggers ($24 when I became a new VIP) from Fabletics is the perfect blend of a casual, loose fit and a sleek, athletic look. I love the zipper pockets that keep my phone safe, and they offer the ultimate stretch for any workout. I also lounge around the house in them all the time cause they’re super cozy. The best part is I can buy 5 pairs of these awesome pants for 1 pair of the others.

Performance Tees:

My Nike Dri-FIT Men's Fitness T-Shirt ($30) is an overall great shirt. I like the color and materials, but the fit of the shirt is a little boxy for me.

The License to Train Short-Sleeve Shirt ($78) from Lululemon fits well and adequately absorbs sweat. My only problem was it started pilling after a few washes.

My 24/7Tee (3 for $19 when I became a new Fabletics VIP) has the ideal fit, features soft, stretchy material, and soaks up sweat like a sponge. After many gym sessions and washes, it still looks awesome. For any lifter looking for quality and affordability, I’d highly recommend this shirt.

Final Thoughts:

The hype is real. Comfortable, durable, and designed with a gym goer in mind, Fabletics Men’s workout clothes perform well and don’t hurt your wallet. Now I hit my workout targets and bank account goals with ease.

Don’t sleep on the premium quality and crazy deals from Fabletics Men!

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