Listen Up, Michigan! FanDuel’s Online Casino Is Taking Over

Listen Up, Michigan! FanDuel’s Online Casino Is Taking Over

The verdict is in: Michigan is a fan of FanDuel Casino. Known for their sports app, FanDuel’s Casino employs fun graphics with ease of use and smooth gameplay, making it our top online casino pick.

With an easy sign up process, the ability to cash out at any time, and live dealers, it’s got everything you need, plus an amazing offer for first-time users; your first 24 hours are risk-free up to $1000! Bet up to $1000 and get it all back in site credit if you lose in your very first 24 hours on FanDuel Casino.

You don’t have to take our word for it; here’s what Michigan is playing.

1.IGT Blackjack

The go-to. Blackjack on FanDuel Casino means fast loading times for quick deals and amazing graphics.

2. Blackjack

What can we say, Michigan loves Blackjack! With classic playing cards and chips, you’ll be transported to Vegas, but without the jet lag. Play against the dealer in one of the most popular casino games in the world, and you might just come out on top.

3. Live Dealer Roulette

Yes, really! No pixelated cartoons here - FanDuel Casino invests in a real live dealer for their roulette, so you can feel even closer to the action. Just like with any FanDuel Casino game, if you win, you get to cash out immediately, no minimum required.

Everyone around you is getting into FanDuel Casino - why not you next? All you need to sign up is your social security number and a card, and you’re ready to take advantage of that awesome first-timer offer.

If you can’t make it to a casino or want to hang out on your cozy couch, FanDuel Casino is the place to be!

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