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Today our Gaming editors will be reviewing FanDuel Faceoff - a new iOS app that helps gamers everywhere earn more cash as they game. Faceoff has games for every type of player: sports, strategy, puzzles, and even word games. To learn about the app, our first impressions, and the final verdict, keep reading…

If you’re a fan of sports betting or fantasy football, you’re familiar with FanDuel Fantasy and FanDuel Sportsbook – if you aren’t already signed up for both.

But let us introduce you to the latest member of the FanDuel team: FanDuel Faceoff.

The Product

FanDuel Faceoff is an exciting new app from FanDuel in partnership with Game Taco – a provider of online skill-based video games and tournaments. With Faceoff, gamers everywhere can go up against real competitors for real, cold hard cash.

How does FanDuel Faceoff work?

It’s simple! Players choose between various games, and then Faceoff matches them up against another live player of a similar skill level. The player who earns the highest score will earn the top prize.

Here are a few available Faceoff games:

  • Wheel of Fortune - Spin the wheel, find consonants, buy vowels, and solve the puzzle. Advance to the bonus round to add to your winnings!
  • Atari Breakout Blitz - A modern take on a classic arcade game, you’ll bounce a ball to destroy bricks, collect power-ups, and build up combos before time runs out.
  • Pat McAfee's Field Goal Faceoff - Team up with Pat McAfee, aim carefully, and kick as many Field Goals as possible before the clock runs out.
  • SCRABBLE Cubes - A unique twist to classic SCRABBLE. Rotate the cube and build words that will skyrocket your score to victory!
  • Block Trail - Place block pieces on the grid to clear as many lines as possible in 3 minutes.
  • Grand Slam Superstar - Step up to the plate for a home run derby. Take aim and rack up the runs with base hits, homers, and grand slams.
  • King's Crossing - An exciting twist on the classic game. Clear a path for the King to reach his castle in as few Chess moves as possible.

Our Thoughts

First things first, unlike so many gaming apps we’ve tried, it is a breeze to sign up with FanDuel Faceoff.

To get started, enter your name, personal info, and your credit card. And then you’re good to start playing exciting games on one of the most user-friendly gaming apps out there. Even better, if you’re already a FanDuel user, simply login to Faceoff with your Fantasy or Sportsbook password.

Rather than playing against bots like most gaming sites, on Faceoff, for every game with money on the table, you'll go up against another living, breathing player, so you better go hard or go home!

The Verdict

Not only are you able to compete with real players for money, but Faceoff uses what they call ‘Skill Matching.’ This puts players against actual users who possess a similar level of skill for a specific game title.

No more getting annoyed by facing off with newbies or going up against a pro whose levels are way above you. Skill-matching ensures that games are even, which means you’ll win money fair and square.

The true win is how safe, secure, and fast Faceoff deposits your payout for each game. Already signed up? Simply use your existing FanDuel funds and start playing games for cash!

No matter where or when, once you win, you can cash out at any time.

New User Offer: For a limited time, FanDuel Faceoff is offering $10 in bonus cash once you make a deposit of $10!

Did we mention that Faceoff is now available in 25+ states across the country? New York, California, and Texas – just to name a few.

And if you’re an Android user, no need to get FOMO. FanDuel’s working hard to bring this fun app to a device near you.

You’ll earn real money going against real players – what more could you ask for in a gaming app?

Are you ready to take your gaming to the next level? Then it’s time to download FanDuel Faceoff.

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