Why I Stopped Waiting And Finally Downloaded FanDuel Sportsbook

Why I Stopped Waiting And Finally Downloaded FanDuel Sportsbook

The Big Game Is Here!

Sunday. February 12, 2023. The biggest stage in American sports has been set. Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are set to battle against Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles. After entering the postseason as the No. 1 seeds in their respective conferences, both teams paved their paths to the big game in quite differing fashions. The Eagles manhandled the depleted 49ers, blowing them out 31-7. On the other hand, the Chiefs’ game against the Bengals came down to the final seconds, winning on a 45-yard game-winning field goal with three seconds left.

This matchup will pit Mahomes’ pass-heavy juggernaut offense against the ground-pounding Eagles. Mahomes put up another magical season, leading the league in passing while accruing more than 5,000 yards in the air. On the other hand, both Hurts and the Eagles set records for rushing touchdowns this season: 15 for Hurts and 39 for the team as a whole. Other notable storylines include: Andy Reid, head coach of the Chiefs, will face off against the team he led for 14 years, who he took to four straight NFC championship games and one Super Bowl appearance. Additionally, the superb Eagles Center, Jason Kelce and the remarkable Chiefs Tight End, Travis Kelce will become the first set of brothers to play against each other in the Super Bowl.

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, there’s never been a better time to sign up for FanDuel. Don’t miss out on all the action!

I've really never been much of a bettor on games. It wasn't on my radar when I got into Fantasy and I didn't know much about placing the right parlay. For me, the excitement of going to the occasional live game or just having everyone over was a good way to get more excitement from the weekend. But, with FanDuel Sportsbook now live in Canada, those friends who come on Sunday were now betting on specific games and winning some decent money. So, this past weekend, I had to finally join in and bet on the NFL slate with them.

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The overall process of signing up on FanDuel Sportsbook is pretty easy... I downloaded the app from the App Store and created an account. A few mins later and I was ready to place my first bet!

The app surprised me TBH--it's super easy to get the hang of, and it's packed full of useful tips and tutorials that helped me learn the ropes in no time. They list all the sports on the left (not just football), and you can make different kinds of bets, like money-line, over/under, teasers, parlays and more.

I decided to use my first bet on the Maple Leafs to win. Let's just say this was my favorite Sunday I've had with the guys in years. As we bet on many other games throughout the day, including NBA, it was loads of fun all rooting for the same outcome on teams and scores we typically wouldn't care much about: the extra money in our pocket wasn't bad either. Best part is right after the game ends, you can cash out your winnings right away.

FanDuel Sportsbook is going to make the Super Bowl even more fun. So make sure you're not left on the sidelines and take advantage of everything that FanDuel has to offer.

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