Your Fit is Mid! Black Owned Brands on SSENSE to Elevate Your Style

Celebrate Black Creators by supporting these indie brands, now available on SSENSE!

Drake and Michael B. Jordan

Cassy Athena/London Entertainment/Shutterstock

If all the good girls go to heaven, all the fashion girls go to SSENSE.

SSENSE is an online shopping platform that’s synonymous with daring, alternative styles — always at the cutting edge of the latest trends and hottest brands.

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Cailin Russo has been making a name for herself in both the music and fashion world. With over 50 million streams and an LP, INFLUX, coming March 3rd, Russo is providing us with catchy beats that transport us from our homes to the club. Her music makes you want to get up and dance, and her new single "PSYCHO FREAK" is no exception.

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Another Paris fashion week rolls around and up pops up another viral celebrity outfit. There are the understated…and the outlandish. Think Kylie Jenner’s lion and Doja Cat’s literal head-to-toe Swarovski look...but that's sooo yesterday's news.

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Syd Palmieri’s new track “INSANE” takes us inside the experience of someone in a new relationship. And who has not yet gotten over their ex. A frustrating, infuriating state of being, where they're stuck in a cataclysm where they can’t fully connect with a new significant other because they aren’t 100% invested.

See our interview with her below.

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Designer and celebrity stylist Kim Shui has worked with some of the biggest names in pop culture. Lizzo, Kylie Jenner, and Megan Fox have all called upon her for a signature look. Shui's brand is one of the hottest fashion houses in the industry and one of the toughest tickets during New York Fashion Week.
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