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Is Loewe The Hottest Brand Of 2024 So Far?

They've got the star power...and they're making sure you know their name

With a name like mine, I'm fully aware of the traumas that come with people not being able to pronounce it. So when Loewe's latest star-studded campaign came out, I felt their decades-long struggle. No, my name will never be on a keychain, but it's taught me to learn how to pronounce things...


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“Make History, Not Hype”: How The Converse Weapon Is Having A Resurgence

& They Brought In Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Too

When you think of basketball shoes, your mind instantly zooms to Nike. You think of the Greatest Of All Time. Michael Jordan has created an empire of Air Jordan sneakers with a competitive resale market behind them.

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Cinema Might Be the Secret to Personal Style

Need some style inspo for 2024? Movies can be muses, too.

Julianne Moore in Sharper

via Apple TV
We're living in the heyday of fast fashion. TikTok microtrends are churned out faster than most brands can keep up with and toxic "dupe" culture has convinced us that it's always better to pay less to participate in trends — despite the environmental and social impact of major fast fashion brands. Is getting one picture in a polyester dress really worth the hours of child labor that went into it, and the eternity that piece of plastic masquerading-as-fabric will spend in a landfill?
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