Luxe Private Cabins Are The Best Way To Escape The Daily Grind

Luxe Private Cabins Are The Best Way To Escape The Daily Grind

Escaping the daily grind has always been a hassle. Between all the changes at work, I knew I needed a break. Determined to get out of the city for a while, but not really interested in jumping on a plane, I asked a couple of my friends for recommendations - that's when they told me about Getaway. Getaway has what they call "Outposts" all over the country. These clusters of little cabins are located a few hours outside of major cities including Atlanta, Austin + San Antonio, Boston, Charlotte + Raleigh, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, Pittsburgh + Cleveland, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Washington, D.C. They're designed to help you switch off and really connect with your partner, or even yourself if you want to go alone!

Getaway was created to offer a way to disconnect from the distractions of everyday life by providing cozy cabins that immerse you in nature. This sounded like exactly what I needed, but I was skeptical. I thought the drive to the cabin would be far, I was worried I might get lost in the woods, and I expected that booking an entire cabin would be expensive. To my surprise, I learned that they were only 2 hours away from where I lived and their pricing started at just $89 a night. So, my partner and I decided to give it a try.

I was a bit apprehensive that we'd really be able to disconnect from others at the outpost, as I really wanted to get some alone time with just my partner and me. I checked their website and read their Journalposts about the situation, plus I emailed their team for reassurance. They eased my concerns and assured me that we would be at least 50-150 ft away from the next cabin. Plus, there's no check-in desk, so we could go straight to our cabin without interacting with anyone during our stay. It was as simple as driving straight from our home to the cabin!

Ahead of our stay, we received a few emails with information on what to expect, how to pack, and of course the address, cabin name, and lock code for our stay. We even got material about activities we could do in the area, such as hiking.

The scenic drive to the Outpost was so beautiful; we already felt the distance from work and enjoyed having a little breathing room. When we got there, we could see the cabins scattered throughout the trees. Our neighbors were far away and it really seemed like we were by ourselves. Our cabin had a huge window that made us feel like we were really sleeping outside but with all of the comforts of staying indoors. It also had a cell phone lockbox, a private bathroom, hot showers, running water, a two-burner stove, a pot, a pan, playing cards, books, and the most comfortable queen-sized bed and fresh linens. The outdoor picnic area had a table, fire pit, and a grill grate, which is everything we needed for our stay.

My girlfriend and I locked up our phones for the weekend, turned on some music, and started grilling. We spent time enjoying the crisp breeze and relishing the fresh air all around us. We went on a few hikes with incredible views of the mountains and finished our day with a refreshing beer by the campfire.

The hours flew by as we made s'mores and played games. This was the perfect way for us to spend some quality time together. Thanks to Getaway, we found a way to escape reality for a while and relax, and we'll definitely be coming back to the little cabin nestled beneath the trees.

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