How I'm Getting My Home In Order In 2021

How I'm Getting My Home In Order In 2021
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New Year, Same Me; super messy and always looking for a way to fix it. It seems like no matter which cleaning guru I listen to, I can never keep my space clean and functioning. Tidying is always the last thing I want to do even though I really enjoy the results of a clean home that feels like me!

Since I'm still working from home, I decided I had no excuse not to make my space nicer and, so I made a checklist. It's just 4 things, but these are the things I know I have the capacity to do. It mostly depends on me, but I'm also getting a little outsourced assistance from Handy.

Here's my 2021 home maintenance checklist:

1. Get A Cleaning Plan

We don't have a weekly cleaning schedule or anything like that, we just tend to clean when things get unlivable. I don't want to do that anymore because it's super stressful, so we're signing up for Handy. They have weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning plans, where one of the background-vetted Pros available through their platform comes and cleans your home. You can stick with the same Pro every time, or just request whoever fits into your schedule.

There's super flexible scheduling, with appointments 7 days a week from 7am-11pm, sometimes bookings are even available for the next day. And it's surprisingly affordable! Also, all Pros are required to wear face masks during bookings and complete mandatory daily health check-ups in the app, which are clearly highlighted on their site,

2. Make A Proper Workspace

So, I am thankful that I have my own desk at home for work. However, that area was a MESS last March...and it still is. We never throw a piece of paper away, so everything is grouped in piles, and there's the odd tool or plastic thingamajig that goes to something we can't remember or may have tossed out.

Now that I can focus less on cleaning, I can use that time for tidying.

3. Declutter

Also, we don't have a ton of room for working out. There's space in the family room, close to the coffee table where we keep random things we need to get rid of at some point.

I'm finally finding the time to take a huge bag to the thrift store, so I'll actually have room to work out. This way, I won't dread it as much, and can hopefully make room to do the Youtube vids I've been wanting to do.

4. Redecorate

Nothing too wild, but we've always liked color, and never painted our white walls. We want to do some light greens and yellows that will really brighten everything up - and now we finally have the time! Also, we're getting a plant. I've accidentally killed succulents before, but hey, new year, new plant.

My family's imperfect and that's what makes us, us. But, I will admit that I want a cleaner, more livable space. By completing the dreaded tasks we've been putting off, finally tackling the fun tasks, and supporting our home with a weekly cleaning plan from Handy, I'm confident it'll be an excellent 2021.

Update: Handy is offering a limited time discount for our readers! Follow this link to get a special offer on your first-time cleaning plan.

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