From Saving Time To Saving Money, HelloFresh Is Saving The Day

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While it’s easy to tell ourselves we’re going to stop spending money on extra things like clothes, products, and home goods, it’s another thing completely to stop spending money on food. We need it!

Whether you’re driving to the store, opting for takeout, or throwing out expired foods, it’s costing you one way or another. Finding ways to save when it comes to food isn’t as easy as you might think. That is, it wasn’t as easy until HelloFresh.

HelloFresh is known for their easy recipes, globally-inspired meals with over 30 dishes per week, convenient shipping to your door, and sustainable initiatives to help offset their carbon footprint. But what’s often overlooked is how much they save you on the day-to-day.

Here are five ways HelloFresh is maximizing our savings:

Save time driving to and from the grocery store

Not only are we not hitting the grocery stores after work or during the weekend rush, but we also don’t have to drive there anymore! With HelloFresh delivered right to our doorstep, the farthest we have to go is our front door, or maybe to the lobby if we want to get a few extra steps in.

Plus, the money we’re saving on gas every week can now go towards our little nest egg.

Save money on takeaway

We’ve all been shocked when our favorite $10 meal becomes $25 after all the delivery fees and tips are included. Plus, the disappointment that comes when your meal is cold and soggy or has been jostled around in a car for 20 minutes is never worth the price tag.

HelloFresh gives us the convenience of takeaway all from our house, but we also get the added benefits of a fresh meal and don’t have to spend all that unnecessary money! We even have the same amount of variety as we would at local restaurants, thanks to their unique and worldly recipes.

In the time it takes for takeaway to get to your doorstep, you could already make a fresh, hot meal with HelloFresh.

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Save time cooking and prepping

On the days when you do muster up the energy to cook a homemade meal, the time spent measuring and prepping is always longer than anticipated.

Finding the right ingredients, thawing, pre-heating, and even making sure you have the right tools you need can be the ultimate hurdle to cooking a homemade meal.

HelloFresh’s boxes come with pre-portioned, ready-to-cook ingredients. Unlike other recipes, HelloFresh’s meals are user-friendly for all levels of cooking and walk you through everything you need from tools to tablespoons.

Save stress of figuring out what to cook

Deciding on what meals to cook - especially after a long day - is near impossible. Choosing if you want to stick with the same easy meal you know how to cook or branching out and trying something new (and not too complicated) takes all the fun out of dinner.

With HelloFresh, you can choose your meals in advance so you always have exactly what you need and know there’s something in the fridge ready to cook. Plus, with new recipes from all around the world every week, you never have to worry about eating the same meal over and over again!

They have delicious options like Italian Pork & Fennel Ribollita with Israeli Couscous & Garlic Crumbly Cheese, and Indian Potato & Beef Dosa-Dillas with Tomato Salsa & Yoghurt, which means you can experience exotic flavors any day of the week.

Save money by not wasting food

The days of opening your fridge to find expired foods are over! HelloFresh’s meals come with pre-portioned ingredients, so there will never be leftover ingredients pushed to the corners of your fridge again.

HelloFresh is delivering savings on savings! Not only is it saving us money, but it’s also saving us the most important thing -- time. We’re not stressed about what to cook, where to get ingredients, or racking up sky-high bills from takeaway.

HelloFresh keeps it simple, puts a little money back in our pocket, and saves both us and dinnertime altogether.

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