Here's Why I Can't Get Enough Of LemonKind

They're the juice cleanse that actually gets it right.

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I try to be healthy and aware of what I'm putting in my body, but also love enjoying my fair-share of sweets and alcoholic beverages. I was intrigued when I heard about juice cleanses years ago, but couldn't stick with any of them. I was always hungry and just couldn't make it past a day or two. It wasn't until my friend Erica told me about LemonKind that I was finally able to commit to a cleanse, and even enjoy the process. She told me she's obsessed with the cleanse because the juices are all natural, delicious, and set up to ensure you won't crash throughout the day. I was skeptical at first - due to past experiences - but, regardless, decided to give it a try.

I chose the 3-day cleanse for a full-body-reset to jumpstart my metabolism and help me work towards adopting healthier eating habits. I mean, a microwaved meal and a couple glasses of wine isn't really a healthy dinner. I also appreciated that they have a 1-day cleanse option for people who don't want to fully jump into a 3-day journey. Committing to three days on the cleanse allowed me to fill my body with fruits, veggies and other ingredients I'd never think to add. What makes LemonKind's cleanse different is that it isn't just filled with apples, carrots and something green.

Each juice is fortified with premium ingredients like antioxidant-rich aronia berry; chlorella - think spirulina's microalgae cousin without the pond water taste; chia seeds, which give you a sense of feeling full; cinnamon, known for its antimicrobial and immune boosting properties; ginger, known for helping digestion; and, turmeric, which may aid with inflammation. The juice is designed to regulate insulin spikes throughout the day, to make sure you won't get that rush and crash so prevalent in other juice cleanses.

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Rather than having 5 or 6 juices spaced throughout the day, LemonKind provides a variety of 8 pouches to drink every 2 hours, beginning at 7am with your last at 9pm. This proved to be crucial because right when I started to notice I was hungry, it was time for another juice.

There are five different juice combos, divvied up for the morning, afternoon, and evening. At 7am, I started with a Mango Peppermint Green Tea - a refreshing juice with apple, cucumber, mango, acerola for Vitamin C, and green tea for a little wake-me-up. The Turmeric Carrot Gingerade was surprisingly delicious with pineapple and mango to balance-out the ginger. The Chlorella Infused Greens was unlike any "green juice" I'd had before - it's full of kale, spinach and chlorella but has no funky "grassy" taste. My favorite juice was the Blueberry Cinnamon Chia - it tasted like apple pie and was the perfect way to end the day. Plus, the chia seeds left me feeling full and satisfied right before bed.

After three days on LemonKind's juice cleanse, I felt energized, refreshed, and much less bloated. No other detoxing juice cleanse has been so easy to stick to. And the best part? The company is woman-owned! Which makes it all the more empowering. Thanks to LemonKind, I feel better physically and mentally, and am loving this healthier new version of me.

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