The Easiest New Year's Resolution You'll Ever Make

Watermelon water will have you hydrated in no time.

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New year, new me - blah, blah, blah.

I've really never been one to make New Year's Resolutions.

To me, it's nothing more than people making big commitments that they'll never actually carry out. Why set yourself up to fail like that? I've seen my friends make some pretty crazy resolutions from flying lessons to 4 times-a-week gym commitments...

I'm a big believer in making little changes here and there to improve your health and lifestyle. Smaller improvements are just more achievable!

One thing that I have wanted to improve for a while is how much sugar I consume, as well as how little water I drink. I'll admit it; I'm really bad at this.

I'm just not a fan of how water tastes, and I always find myself reaching for diet sodas instead. I also drink wayyyy too much coffee, and it's starting to negatively affect my sleeping patterns.

So, as my friends and I went around the room talking about our resolutions after one too many glasses of Prosecco, I confidently said that my goals were to drink more water and majorly cut down on my sugar intake.

I got heckled because I was making the "easiest" resolution, but if I could stick to it, the effects would be way more valuable than a skydive or a boxing class. "Yeah, but I really hate water, so it's going to be tough" As I was telling my friends, that's when one of them recommended Hint.

Hint is fruit-flavored water, but without any of the nasty additives, like diet sweeteners. As I said, I need flavor, and I'm eager to cut down on all sodas, even diet (which I always assumed was healthier).

But I learned that the ingredients in diet drinks could actually dehydrate you and slow down your metabolism, which I never knew!

Hint has a ton of flavors, like Watermelon, Peach, and Pineapple, plus it's very convenient that Hint delivers right to my doorstep. I loved the idea of being able to drink as many of them as I wanted without feeling guilty, and all of the flavors looked so good.

My Hint water arrived a couple of days later, so I grabbed 2 bottles on my way out the door for work. I opened one up with my lunch around midday, and couldn't believe how good it was!

It was the perfect amount of Pineapple flavor without being too sweet, and I found it actually curbed my usual post-lunch sweet craving.

I had the second bottle right around 3 when I'm usually reaching for the coffee pot, and the Watermelon was so so delicious! I always struggle to get a glass of water down, but I finished the bottle in no time - it tastes so good.

Hint has an option to customize your own bundle, so I went and got a 36 pack of Watermelon, Pineapple, and Peach - my favorite flavors - for $36, which backs out to just $1 per bottle, and shipping is free!

I've been drinking Hint water for about a month now, and I already feel so much better.

Being properly hydrated means that I feel less bloated and tired, and I think my skin is even clearing up a bit.

I even take a bottle of Hint to the gym with me! I'm the only one of my friends that are still keeping to their resolution, so the joke's on them!

Update: Hint is extending a special offer to my readers! Follow this link to get 36 bottles for only $36.

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