How HelloFresh Is Helping Me Cut Costs In 2023

How HelloFresh Is Helping Me Cut Costs In 2023

In 2022 the cost of my groceries shot up close to 20%. Even the price of my morning coffee and weekly takeaway skyrocketed. And don’t get me started on my bills.

The new year was starting and I had to find ways to save and plan out a budget. I was spending far too much on food, so finding a solution was my priority.

Most of the ingredients ended up in the bin. Because I’d buy them, then decide I was too tired to cook, or I wouldn’t use them before the “use by” date.

A friend of mine signed up for HelloFresh last year, but I didn’t pay much attention. I assumed a service like this would be beyond my budget and just a total hassle. But recently I was ranting to her about how much I was spending on food and how much goes to waste. So she insisted I try it. Like now.

Turns out, HelloFresh recipes can be ready in only 30 minutes – sometimes faster – and their ingredients come pre-portioned, so there's basically no prep and zero food waste.

After clicking around the HelloFresh site, I discovered that their plans are completely flexible! I can skip a delivery, pause or opt-out whenever I need. So I decided to give HelloFresh a shot since I’d nothing to lose.

Here’s how HelloFresh is helping me:

Skip the supermarket & save money

Because you’ll have your ingredients delivered to your doorstep, you’ll spend less time in the supermarket – so convenient.

Their meals start at only €2.50* per serving, which is much cheaper than takeaway and supermarket meal deals!

Through their direct relationships with suppliers, HelloFresh cuts out the middlemen which keeps costs low and guarantees freshness.

Zero food waste

I always find myself throwing out moldy cheese and giant jars of outdated pasta sauce because I never use the full contents before they go off.

With HelloFresh, you receive the precise amount of the main ingredients you need, so there's zero food waste. What a money saver and good for the environment, too!

Try global cuisines without the price tag

I loved the convenience of takeaway. But honestly, HelloFresh meals are healthier and tastier. Their weekly rotating menu offers globally inspired recipes like Spicy Thai Noodle Soup and Pork Sausage Linguine. The best part is that you get to learn to cook marvelous recipes while trying new cuisines at the same time!

Budget better & save time

With HelloFresh, I know exactly how much I’m spending on dinners each week, so now I never go over my budget.

HelloFresh meals are delicious and so quick to make. I spend far less time on food shopping, prepping and cooking these days. For instance, some HelloFresh meals can be ready in only 20-30 minutes. This allows me to focus more on work, my hobbies and simply relaxing. I’m even thinking about starting a side hustle with all my extra time!

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to cook homemade dinners, I’d highly recommend HelloFresh.

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*Price with discount applied

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