How Le Tote Select Fit Into This Busy Woman’s Life

Why I Chose Le Tote Select

How Le Tote Select Fit Into This Busy Woman’s Life

Shopping takes an eternity! I see something that looks cute on a mannequin, but on me, it's all wrong. Too baggy, too tight, or just plain ugly. I end up taking things home and wanting to return them, and who wants that! They might as well all come with a warning: "objects will fit much worse than they appear." Who has time to make returns at the store or send back clothes that you order online? That's why I was so excited to hear about a new service from Le Tote called Le Tote Select, an online personal shopping service that makes finding your perfect style easier than ever.

Le Tote Select is a service that uses in-house personal stylists in combination with a super smart fashion technology to get higher quality, better fitting, and more personalized clothes to your door. By filling out a simple but comprehensive fashion questionnaire, they're able to put together a box filled with clothing that's hand-selected to fit your style, silhouette, and schedule. They ship you clothes and accessories, then you send back what you don't like, and keep and purchase what you do like, all for only a $20 stylist fee that gets credited to your purchases. This service sounded like it was made for me, so I decided to try it out.

Signing up and filling out their style profile couldn't have been easier. I chose my favorite tops, pants, dresses, jewelry, and favorite colors and entered my size information. The fit also was pretty amazing, considering I'm a different size in almost every single brand. Then, I picked a box theme and checked out. Simple as that!

My clothes came conveniently to my door a few days later. When my clothes came, I was eager to try everything on and everything fit perfectly. That never happens! I picked a dress, a pair of slacks, and a top to purchase, and sent back the rest in their pre-paid bag.

Le Tote Select is such a fashion life-saver. I found my perfect fashion fix without spending hours trying on and returning items at the store. It truly takes the stress out of finding the right size and style. Le Tote Select knows my style better than I do, and I feel great! For just $20 a box, that's every woman's dream come true. Follow this link to sign up with Le Tote Select today!

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