How My Summer Prep Turned Into So Much More

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Every year as soon as it starts to warm up and beach season approaches, I rush to do something that'll help me drop that little extra winter weight fast. I've attempted everything—from short-lived diets that are simply too intense and hard to follow, to restrictive approaches like giving up bread or chocolate. It seems that at best, I get quick results that disappear as soon as I eat any kind of carb, and at worst, I wind up gaining weight in the process because I go back to old eating habits.

This year, I decided I needed something to build me up and give me the tools to stick it out all the way to the finish line. I wanted to find something that could really help kickstart a healthy eating plan and become a lifestyle. My goal was to lose a bit of weight before the summer, but most importantly, I wanted to feel less bloated and more motivated to get back to being physically active (like getting back to soul cycle or dance class a few times a week).

A coworker of mine had the same plans for bikini season. She mentioned that she had just started juicing with a cleanse from Lemonkind, a brand that sells pressed juices to help reboot your body. She said that they make non-GMO natural juice blends that are allergen-free and designed to debloat, boost your metabolism, and provide the right nutrients to keep you energized throughout the day.

I did more research to learn more about the juices, and I came across their 3 Day Super Detox Me Juice Cleanse. The cleanse is 24 juices total—8 per day for 3 days. Although it sounded a bit intimidating at first, what really convinced me to give it a try was the fact that the juices can be stored unrefrigerated for a while before opening. That really took the pressure off the entire experience—I could go at my own pace and I really liked the sound of that.

After debating between the 1-day and 3-day cleanses, I decided to try the latter. And if I couldn't commit all 3 days, I knew that I'd just have extra juice cleanses to use as a quick 1-day cleanse in the future. The experience was nothing like anything I had tried in the past. LemonKind lays out a sustainable schedule, telling you when and why to drink each juice throughout the day. I liked knowing that I was grabbing an energizing juice in the morning, and one with more calming properties before bed at night. It felt personalized to my needs.

By the end of Day 3, I was over the moon because I experienced things I wasn't expecting. I felt refreshed. I slept like a baby, my skin was glowing, and I noticed my jeans buttoned easier because my stomach was a little flatter. But more importantly, I felt motivated to continue this health kick and continue making better choices—I found myself ordering the half turkey sandwich/half salad combo at work. I even went to the supermarket to buy ingredients to meal prep for the week so I could stop eating out so often.

And when the day comes for me to suit up in my bikini, I know I will feel better and more confident than ever before.

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