I Used To Have The Worst Menopause Symptoms But Then I Found Equelle

I Used To Have The Worst Menopause Symptoms But Then I Found Equelle
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Editor’s Note: I’ve been suffering from sleepless nights, hot flashes, and fatigue for months now and it was negatively affecting my day-to-day life. But then I discovered Equelle’s non-hormonal Menopause Multi-Symptom Relief and my life changed.

Here’s What My Days And Nights Looked Like Before Equelle:

Without my morning yoga practice, I’m a grouch. But earlier this year I found myself unable to drag myself out of bed so I kept missing it. Night after night, I lay awake flushed and restless. I tossed and turned with these waves of heat in my neck and my face that went on for a few minutes. I thought, “did I just have a hot flash? I’m only 46!”

I was surprised when my search revealed that menopausal symptoms — sleep issues, mood swings, hot flashes, vaginal irritation, and muscle aches — can begin as early as your 40s. So that’s it, I thought, I’ve entered the land of perimenopause.

I was looking for a solution ASAP! Making an appointment with my doctor to get a prescription isn’t ideal when they’re booked up at least 2 months out. I also wasn’t quite ready to commit to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). I read that HRT was effective but potentially came with weight gain, irregular bleeding, nausea and skin irritation. Some side effects I certainly wanted to avoid if possible.

After doing even more research, I came across Equelle— a hormone-free, multi-symptom supplement that can help women experiencing mild-to-moderate symptoms of perimenopause, menopause, or postmenopause. It helps address the root cause of fundamental symptoms related to estrogen decline.

Perhaps Equelle might be a smart way to treat my symptoms without hormones. Equelle and its key ingredient, S-equol, have been shown to be safe by scientific experts and 20 years of proven research to have: No association with breast cancer — No changes in sex or thyroid hormones — No negative effects on endometrial health.

I was still a bit skeptical that it would actually help. But considering it ships directly to my door without a prescription — there is no need to visit a doctor! And if I’m not happy with my results after 90 days, Equelle will refund me in full.

I figured if this really works, it could be a game-changer. So I added-to-cart and the rest is history.

Here’s What My Days And Nights Look Like After Equelle:

With Equelle’s simple routine, I take 2 tablets, once a day. And by the 4th week, I started seeing results. I noticed fewer hot flashes and my sleep quality gradually improved. When I hit month 2, the hot flashes continued to decline and my muscle aches diminished. And by month 3, I was clocking more sleep time each night.

I’ve now got more energy throughout the day. More than enough to resume my yoga practice — so goodbye grouchiness. I’m back to my old — or my new! — self again. I’ve already told all my girlfriends about Equelle. I’m so happy I finally have answers and real relief.

The Takeaway:

What truly impresses me is Equelle’s breakthrough, plant-based ingredient S-equol. It has a similar structure to estrogen so it mimics some of estrogen’s beneficial effects and helps reduce menopause symptoms. Generally, a one-month supply of Equelle costs $50, but I subscribe so I save 20% — that’s only $40. I never have to worry about running out.

Plus, the Equelle customer care team is totally dedicated to providing the assistance and education to help manage all stages of my menopausal journey. Entering my menopause years was super scary at first but Equelle’s in house health consultant was there to answer all my medical questions.

If you’re facing the challenges of menopause and looking for an innovative, hormone-free alternative, go with Equelle’s Menopause Multi-Symptom Relief.

Not just a supplement, Equelle stands as a source of empowerment for women embracing the transformative journey of menopause.

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