I Tried PXG's In-Store Fitting — The Results Shocked Me

I Tried PXG's In-Store Fitting — The Results Shocked Me
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I’ve been playing golf for 5 years now and I’m on the constant lookout for fresh ways to level up my game. Whether that’s watching YouTube tutorials, hitting the range late at night, or practicing with my putting mat — there’s always room for improvement.

My swing feels good, but my iron shots are inconsistent and I can’t seem to break 275 yards with my driver. After playing a round with my friend Max, I was super impressed by the look, sound, and performance of his new PXG clubs.

It was definitely the best I’d ever seen him play — outdriving me almost every hole and hitting way more greens in reg than usual. Max kept yapping about how great the fitting process was at the PXG store, which had me questioning whether my PING clubs were holding me back.

But I was a PING loyalist … there was no way PXG could outperform my trusted set that I’ve been using for years, right?

I figured I had nothing to lose by booking a fitting online and heading to my local PXG store to test out Max’s claim that they’re “the best clubs in the game.” I’m fully committed to breaking 85 this season, so I was desperate to try anything to improve.

My Experience With PXG’s In-Store Fitting:

When I stepped into the PXG store, I was immediately blown away by the modern design and massive hitting bays. My master fitter, Josh, greeted me with a cold beverage and we discussed the strengths and weaknesses of my game. I opted for the full bag experience, which covers irons, drivers, and putters.

Interior of the PXG Store and the massive hitting bays.

Josh started the one-on-one fitting process by having me hit my current 7-iron in order to establish a baseline. Although my distances were solid, the dispersion of my shots were not up to par. The Trackman technology allowed me to see every precise statistic like ball speed, club speed, attack angle, spin rate, club path, and my personal favorite — smash factor (a measure of energy transfer between club to ball).

I hit a variety of different shafts (both graphite and steel) and clubhead combinations until we found the setup that works for my swing. Comparing the stats between my PING 7-iron to PXG’s GEN6 7-iron was night and day. My dispersion went from a 15-yard standard deviation to only 5-yards — breaking 85 was on the horizon.

A pure strike with the PXG GEN6 Iron.

Next up, driver time. It’s my favorite club to wield and a strong point of my game, but I was struggling to get the distance every golfer craves. I hit my PING G425 driver first so we could see how PXG’s clubs would compare. Josh was confident that the PXG Black Ops Driver could help me hit bombs, but I still doubted it.

Lo and behold, the first PXG drive I hit goes 280 yards (20 yards further than my average). I thought maybe it was a fluke, but swing after swing proved that the Black Ops delivers insane distance.

Although my swing speed was the same, the results were massive. Not to mention it sounded like a missile every time I hit the ball, which really boosted my confidence. It’s safe to say that the hype surrounding PXG’s breakthrough club tech is real.

A peaceful transfer of power.

By this point, I realized that PXG makes some extraordinary irons and drivers — but what about their putters?

The PXG store has an entirely separate room dedicated to putting, where I tried out a bunch of different head, shaft and hosel combinations. This impressive amount of customization ensures you’re getting the most optimal setup. And since putting tends to be my Achilles heel, I was shocked to see balls consistently dropping in the cup. I loved the look and feel of the Battle Ready II putters and settled on the Mustang blade-style model.

The in-store putting green and Battle Ready II Mustang Putter.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, I’m thoroughly impressed by the PXG store, their club technology, and the in-depth, personalized fitting process. Throughout the session, Josh made me feel comfortable by complimenting my good shots and explaining each part of the process.

Although I thought my PING clubs were great, PXG blew them out of the water. Now, with my new arsenal of clubs, I’m pretty sure I’ll finally break 85 (and maybe 80, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.)

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