Is vVARDIS Worth It? Here Are Our Thoughts

Is vVARDIS Worth It? Here Are Our Thoughts

I brush my teeth twice a day and whiten them about every six months, but I’m not satisfied. When I’m done with treatment, I’m always so happy to show off my teeth, but they’re starting to become more sensitive; I even chipped a tooth with a fork and I’ll never know if it was the whitening strips or not.

Struggling that I’d have to make do with only whitening toothpaste, I was complaining to a friend who asked if I’d tried vVARDIS. A brand new oral care regime based out of Switzerland, their premiere whitening technology apparently made a significant difference without using bleach or causing sensitivity. Their focus revolves around creating teeth the way nature does in the future and can even mimic your teeth’s natural state.

My friend showed me their Instagram and I was mesmerized by the gorgeous packaging and the before-and-afters. I had to do a deep dive into vVARDIS.

It’s not just whitening; they have a full oral care line that includes their whitening gel, toothpaste, mouth wash, wooden toothbrush, and mouth spray. Their products make your teeth healthier and whiter thanks to new enamel-like layers that protect you from everyday wear and erosion.

Created by two dentists, Drs. Haleh and Golnar Abivardi, their mission is to bring us all into a drill-free future. From their experience opening their own clinics across Switzerland, they opened the vVARDIS Innovation Center to develop the patented WX Formula technology that utilizes amino acids to create stronger, healthier enamel.

I was absolutely ready to stop just whitening for vanity, and start investing in my overall oral health with those whitening benefits!

The reviews were positive, and I loved their mission, but I was still wary - the best-selling Whitening Collection cost $199.

It includes:

  • The Enamel Caressing Toothbrush, crafted from sustainably sourced Swiss beechwood and optimized for the perfect clean with mineral-infused bristles
  • The Enamel Anti-Aging Whitening Toothpaste, which whitens up to 10 shades and strengthens enamel, and its peroxide-free formula is gentle in teeth and gums
  • The Enamel Highlighter mouthwash which freshens breath and brightens your teeth and gives your teeth a smooth, freshly-polish feeling
  • The White Enamel Serum, their revolutionary patented peroxide-free whitening formula whitens without sensitivity to teeth or gum irritation and won’t erode enamel. It even works on crowns and veneers too

For long-lasting vegan, peroxide-free products, the price made a little more sense. Also, that packaging is so luxe, I could already picture myself gently coating my teeth with the Aletsch serum every evening with some music queued up.

It had been a while since I treated myself, so I purchased the Collection in Soft Mint (it also comes in Strong Mint).

It arrived promptly, and I was so happy to start my new routine, I cut back on coffee just to give the products the best chance (although that isn’t necessary).

My first evening with my vVARDIS products, I put on a playlist and did my skincare routine as usual. Once the facial oil was on, I unboxed my oral care products. First, I brushed my teeth; the Soft Mint flavor was so lovely and reminded me of a mint I’d had at a hotel in Paris once.

My mouth felt cleaner and silkier than usual, but that could’ve been a placebo effect. The Aletsch is the true hero product of their line; I used the included applicator to gently brush the serum onto my teeth creating this thick layer. Unlike other whitening strips, I was confident I could coat every tooth evenly. I held my mouth gently open to let the gel set for 15 seconds and went to bed.

The next morning, there was a difference! I tried not to get my hopes up just in case it was my eyes playing tricks on me, but my teeth were whiter.

The White Enamel Serum is supposed to be applied for a week until finishing the bottle and after my week? Very white! and without sensitivity! Maybe it’s the higher quality products, but I also noticed that I generally just had fresher breath with the vVARDIS line. My teeth felt stronger, more protected, and I liked how everything just felt natural!

Truth is, this is an absolutely worthy investment. I’ve got an entire oral care routine now that I love and will hopefully benefit me for decades to come (not to mention, these gorgeous white teeth!).

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