My Journey With Kindra: The Highs And Lows

My Journey With Kindra: The Highs And Lows

I was going about what felt like a typical day when out of nowhere my daughter said, 'stop snapping at me, Mom.'

I was truly taken aback. I'm typically a positive, cheerful person, I do not snap at people.

I took a moment to myself after this and really I thought about it, I had been more irritable lately. I'd also been tossing and turning in the middle of the night, making me feel so tired during the day. Just last week, I felt so hot and sweaty in bed I had to take a cold shower at 4 am.

No - wait, it couldn't be. Was I starting menopause? I mean, I'm only 48! But, if I'm being totally honest, my husband and I had been having intimacy issues. Frankly, I felt uncomfortably dry down there and my libido was practically non-existent.

When I searched menopause I read that hot flashes, low libido, sleeplessness, energy lags, and weight gain can signal the onset of perimenopause. Turns out, 90% of women experiencing this don't seek help!

As I was doing my search, menopause products started appearing in my feed and that's how I found Kindra.

Made by women for women, Kindra makes clinically-tested and OB/GYN approved peri and post-menopausal essentials. All products are 100% estrogen-free. They're also progesterone-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free. I liked that their products are made with super clean ingredients.

I'm all for natural products, but I was a tad weary they wouldn't be effective enough to help me feel like myself again.

No two people experience menopause the same, and I loved that Kindra took the time to learn about me with a quick 5-minute quiz. Then, they instantly e-mailed me a personalized product regimen designed to help me embrace and manage my hormonal health.

Although it sounded perfect, I worried the products would cost too much. Luckily, I noticed the monthly subscription, saving me 20% on every order! With Kindra's Essential Bundle I got the lotion, a mess-free applicator, and the Core Supplement for only $69 (normally $89).

I was excited to see how Kindra would work so I tracked the experience in my journal for the 1st 90 days - since that's how long it takes to form a new habit.

Month 1

I could tell that the Aurora Applicator is designed by women because the shape made it super easy to use, and it helped me apply the lotion just where I needed it. I'll admit that I was antsy for relief, wondering if it wouldn't even help me at all.

There was a bit of a stinging sensation the first few times, but within minutes, the lotion felt really soothing. On the second day, I actually felt an improvement in the vaginal dryness. By day 3, I was remembering what I felt like before...comfortable, naturally lubricated.

I'm sure it's because the lotion's formula features an essential blend of super nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, safflower seed oil, and vitamin E. I also noticed it includes niacinamide, which is in my facial serum, too! It apparently helps heal the tender, sensitive skin over time. Love it!

Month 2

Kindra's self-care plan recommended I take a Core Dietary Supplement daily. Generally, I don't trust supplements, but Kindra's Core capsules include plant extracts like Pycnogenol® and Ashwagandha which help cool the body, focus the mind, boost energy, balance mood swings, and hydrate from the inside out. How could I not give it a go?

Kindra's supplements are 100% estrogen-free, formulated with a potent ayurvedic adaptogen, and are made with organic rice hull rather than gross artificial fillers.

I've been taking the Core every day and waiting for the benefits to kick. The Kindra blog told me it can take up to 2 months to feel the full effects, so fingers crossed.

Month 3

My hot flashes are practically gone! Best of all, I sleep through the night every night. I feel so different - so balanced - more like myself. I figured that if the Lotion and Core Supplements are this good I should check out the others.

The Sleep Enhancing Dietary Supplement has the same incredible benefits as the Core but adds just a little bit of melatonin for more restorative sleep. It's so helpful to have on hand for those nights that I still feel restless.

These days - thanks to the experts at Kindra- my menopausal journey is absolutely manageable.

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