lululemon Studio Mirror - My New Unexpected Essential

lululemon studio mirror

Before moving to the city for work, I had a great fitness routine and visited my gym three or four times a week. But the move made it much more challenging. I loved my new job as an editor, but I had much less time to work out and my body was feeling the effects.

After two weeks of struggling (and failing) to fit “gym time” into my busy schedule, I was ready to give up. I was ranting to my friend Kris about the situation when he told me about the lululemon Studio Mirror, which he and his partner recently purchased. It gives them all the benefits of top-tier studio classes from the comfort of home. Plus, the Mirror was giving him a better workout as he could check his form alongside the instructor on a full HD display, track his progress throughout the workout, and more.

I’d heard of the lululemon Studio Mirror and seen their ads on the subway, but never seriously considered it. I lived in a tiny studio apartment so home fitness equipment never really crossed my mind. But Kris had never recommended a product without trying and loving it first. So I went home and did a deep dive into the brand.

The lululemon Studio Mirror

The lululemon Studio Mirror is not just another piece of clunky exercise equipment. It’s sleek, modern, and perfect for any living space, even my quaint studio apartment. It allows me to watch myself and the trainers simultaneously so I can follow the workout easier and consistently adjust my form. This is exactly what I need during those weeks when getting to a gym is all but impossible.

And it gets better! They offer 10,000+ classes: cardio, yoga, strength, stretch, toning, barre, pilates, and more. PLUS, they’ve recently partnered with top studios including Pure Barre, YogaSix, Rumble, AARMY, Y7 Studio, FORWARD__Space, DOGPOUND, and AKT.

The benefits are amazing as well. Members save 10% at lululemon and can take in-person classes at their partner studios for 20% off. There are also unlimited free classes at lululemon experiential stores, early access to product drops, and more.

Thanks to lululemon Studio, I’m back on track to reach all my wellness goals and feel great about my fitness routine. It also looks amazing in my apartment, is easy to move, and gives me exclusive benefits I don’t get anywhere else.

I wake up feeling refreshed, have more confidence in myself, and manage to stay active on the days when I have more Zoom calls than I can count. No more excuses for missing out on leg day!

The lululemon Studio Mirror normally costs $1,495, but for a limited time it's only $795 + $39 monthly subscription. In my opinion, it’s 100% worth it and has become my sole workout tool. I canceled my gym membership, am trying new exciting classes, and staying in super shape while doing it all. And I’m not the only one who loves it!

“I absolutely LOVE the Mirror and am so glad I found this amazing tool for a vast array of workouts, instructors, styles, and fitness goals. EVERYTHING I need or could ask for I can find on the Mirror workouts.” - Michelle, AZ

“I love working out in a gym. But The Mirror does exactly what I want to give me a good workout at home. There are some really good instructors and variety to match different workout styles.” - Ed, TX

“My wife and I love the Mirror. The classes are great, with a wide variety that I’m still not bored with and fantastic instructors. And a huge bonus is the high-quality customer service.” - Jonathan, MD

If you’re looking to hit all your fitness goals while balancing a busy schedule, then it’s time to invest in the lululemon Studio Mirror!

Save $700 On lululemon Studio Mirror!

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