Why this Kitty Litter is Purrrfect for the Holiday Season

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I never saw myself becoming a cat mom until my sister had to move away for college and my parents refused to look after her cat, Charlie. She was heartbroken, and I couldn't stand the idea of never getting to visit Charlie again. So of course, I let the little guy move in with me.

He's the perfect housemate - he never hogs the bathroom in the morning, never brings home annoying friends, always listens to my rants, and gives the best cuddles. It's the perfect set up, except for one thing… his cat litter. I HATE it! It gets all over my apartment, it constantly smells, and it always needs to be changed. Plus, the ugly grey clay is not a good look with my decor. Ugghhh!

I put up with it because I love Charlie. But now that the holiday season is coming up, I'm going to be having friends and family over for festive dinners and parties, and I want my amazing apple pie and scrumptious stuffing to be the highlight, not the smell of the litter box. I've tried a few different types from the store but they were all the same- smelly, heavy, clumpy and such an eyesore.

After a full day of work, gift shopping and running errands, I came home, hands full, exhausted, only to realize I've run out of cat litter again! Why do I always forget it?

That night as I went to put another reminder on my phone to buy cat litter, I wondered if there was a way I could I get it delivered to my apartment, just like all my food and clothes that I buy. So instead of setting the reminder, I googled, “Cat Litter delivered to my door" and the first thing to pop up was PrettyLitter. Great, one problem solved.

As I proceeded to buy a bag of PrettyLitter, I realized the delivery was not the only good thing about it. It has so many benefits - odor control, a smaller bag that lasts longer, produces less dust, it's lighter and cleaner and it monitors your cat's health by changing color to let you know if something's wrong.

PrettyLitter was apparently going to fix all the issues that I have with Charlie's litter - sounded too good to be true. But I thought I'd give it a shot, since it'd be delivered straight to my door, and if it really worked, it would be a game-changer for me. Plus, the shipping was free.

A few days later my PrettyLitter arrived and I couldn't wait to put it to the test. Would it really be so much better than all the rest? Firstly, the bag was much smaller and lighter than any of the ones I bought before. I worried that this meant I'm going to run out of it even quicker?

I emptied it into Charlie's litter box and wow, it really did look a lot better than the other litter I was using. Instead of the clay grey color, it was a gorgeous crystal white color. As I emptied the bag there was barely any dust, much better initial experience than any of the previous litter I have used.

After a few days, I was waiting to get the usual musky litter box smell, but it never came. Even after a couple of weeks there was still no smell, just the warm smell of pine from my gorgeous tree. Amazing!

Unlike clay-based cat litter, PrettyLitter is made out of super-absorbent silica microcrystals that trap odor and bacteria, which allows moisture to evaporate. This is what makes it lightweight, great at eliminating odor and long-lasting.

PrettyLitter is the best cat litter out there. Trust me, I've tried a lot. With PrettyLitter, you don't even realize you have cat litter in your home - there's no smell and it's much less work. Plus, it's monitoring Charlie's health so if there's a color change in the litter I'll know there's something wrong. If only it could now stop Charlie climbing the tree and knocking off all the ornaments.

My sister is going to be sooo impressed with PrettyLitter with she comes home for the Holidays. And everyone else can be impressed with my cooking, and amazing smelling, mess-free, perfectly decorated apartment.

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