I Was Skeptical About Makeup... Until I Tried Milli Rose. Here's What Happened.

Plus, a discount :)

I've never been one of those girls who's super into make-up.

Don't get me wrong, I like it, but I usually just keep it simple. I'd never really experimented beyond my daily finger-swipe of eyeshadow and brush of mascara… So, when I was invited to a real-life fancy ball, I freaked out about what make-up look I would do.

I only had one palette of eyeshadows that I've had for years, and I only use the same 2 brown shades.

Once I got past the hurdle of what to wear, I begged one of my make-up savvy friends, Chloe, to do my make up for me. I'd never done a glam look on myself and I'm forever admiring her looks, but I was a bit apprehensive of how it would turn out.

The night rolled around and I was super excited to see what look Chloe would create. When she arrived and took out her kit, the palette she was using really caught my eye.

Not only were the colors pretty, but the box had the most unique beautiful packaging- a floral design with a bee on it and in gold shiny font it said MILLI ROSE.

My description doesn't do it justice, but I would low key put this on my wall as art, it was cool.

Chloe said it was the Modern Glam palette and she swears by it for any night-time look. I'd never heard of the brand before, so I was sorta skeptical of how the shadows would turn out on me.

When I saw the variety of colors, I was intimidated - they were gorgeous but very far from my comfort zone of 2 brown shades. Chloe insisted that they weren't too pigmented and they can be applied subtly and built up. There were a decent amount of shimmery shadows, and I'm normally a strictly-matte girl, but I trusted she knew what she was doing.

She applied the shade Foxy, a light brown, on my lids and blended it out. Then she applied the dark brown shade - Coco - in my crease and blended, blended, blended.

She applied Gild, the shimmery gold shade on my lids and the light shade, Nifty, under my brow and on my inner corner.

Then she dabbed a little bit of the Tease eyeshadow on my cheeks for blush, which I never would have thought to do. Turns out a lot of these shades you can use in multiple ways. She finished off the look by applying a deep red lip from MILLI ROSE, in the shade Glam Bae.

I loved how the look came out - the shadows weren't too heavy and blended really well! Plus the lipstick lasted well into the night and didn't dry out my lips - unlike other lipsticks I've used in the past.

Since I was so happy with the look, and after seeing Chloe's gorgeous collection of MILLI ROSE, I realized my make up kit seriously needed to be updated. I decided I'd go online to check it out, but based on the quality, I expected it to be pretty expensive.

I was surprised to see that the makeup was all super affordable. I went on specifically looking for the Glam palette Chloe used on me, which was just $32 - but then I came across the Secret Garden Deluxe Kit, which included the Glam palette, as well as the Modern Nudes palette, which consisted of matte neutral colors that I could use for more everyday looks.

Both palettes had 12 shadows each and were about the size of hand. The set also included 6 lipsticks - 3 nudes and 3 red shades - all for $150. (Update: When I told Chloe I was buying the palette she told me about a code for 15% off! Scroll down for it below!)

This set was such good value, but I hesitated and wondered if it would be worth it, or if I would actually use all of it. But after Chloe did my make up, it made me want to become more adventurous, and this set would give me every look I wanted, daytime or nighttime.

So I decided to take the plunge and order the whole set.

It arrived a few days later, and the makeup box was HUGE and looked even more stunning than it did on the website The next day I was excited to try the Modern Nudes palette.

I liked how it had a variety of neutral colours - including a smokey black shade and a cream shade. My old nude palette consisted only of different variations of brown colors.

The Modern Nudes palette turned out to be one of my favorite makeup buys ever, since it could create a day look, an evening, or a glam look. So it's super handy when I'm travelling cause I don't have to pack loads of different palettes.

I couldn't recommend MILLI ROSE more, since it's versatile, high quality, and affordable (and beautiful!). My mascara is running low, and I know where I'm going to find a new replacement.

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