My 5 Favorite Things About  Splendid Spoon

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Busy day? Yep. Me too. When I'm not working what feels like a zillion hours a week, I'm either doing what feels like an endless amount of laundry or I'm dragging myself to a social obligation I wish I'd never said yes to in the first place. All of these items on my to-do list have meant that I've been completely neglecting my health and diet as of late. My go-to meals in the last few months have been anything that's convenient, and unfortunately, that usually means super unhealthy. All of the massive sandwiches for lunch and takeout Chinese food for dinner have not left me looking or feeling my best.

As much as I want to be a domestic goddess in the kitchen, I just never really have the time to go grocery shopping or to scour the local farmer's market for fresh produce. And the few times I have made it to the grocery store in the last few months, everything I've bought has just ended up going bad because I could never find the time to cook! I'd totally given up on finding meals that were both healthy and convenient when my coworker told me about Splendid Spoon, an easy subscription service that sends superfood packed soups and smoothies right to your door.

Splendid Spoon is a completely vegan line of soups and smoothies that are super easy to prepare (you literally microwave the soup, and the smoothies arrive ready to drink!). They have tons of delicious, flavorful recipes. The best part? It all gets delivered right to your doorstep, ready to eat, on a schedule that's convenient for you. Splendid Spoon has completely changed my food game -- here are 5 reasons why I'm absolutely loving it

They Only Use The Freshest Ingredients

Splendid Spoon uses only the freshest, natural ingredients and their soups and smoothies are packed full of superfood fruits and veggies. They do all of the sourcing and meal planning for you, so all you have to do is enjoy! With recipes like Carrot Lentil Curry and Cauliflower Tikka, there's always something new and exciting to try.

They're Vegan, GMO-Free, and Gluten Free

Their soups and smoothies are made with all natural, superfood ingredients that are plant-based, GMO-free, and gluten-free. Even better, their meals are all delicious and incredibly filling, so I can eat healthy without feeling deprived. I grab a smoothie on my way out the door in the morning, and it keeps me full until lunchtime. My favorite right now is the Blackberry Basil Smoothie with Chia Seeds and Dates - so yummy!

Portion Controlled

All of the soups and smoothies are pre-portioned and have all of the ingredients and nutritional information printed on the back. I've lost weight without even really trying because their hearty soups and smoothies keep me going until dinner. And I still indulge in my favorite Thai takeout every now and then without feeling guilty, because I know I've put something wholesome into my body for breakfast and lunch.

Easy Subscription

Their easy subscription meal plans mean your food arrives right on your doorstep, chilled, and ready to drink or heat up. I never have to worry that I'll binge on something unhealthy at the office because I always have something healthy to bring to work for breakfast and lunch.

Tons of Different Meals

I never get bored of Splendid Spoon because you can completely customize your plan. Plus, they have over 40 delicious meals . Who knew healthy eating could be so interesting and flavorful! My favorite soups are the Cauliflower Tikka and the Chipotle Black Bean Chili -- so filling and satisfying.

I've been using Splendid Spoon for a couple of months now, and it has completely taken my breakfast and lunch game up a notch. Before, I would either skip breakfast or end up grabbing a calorie-heavy muffin or pastry on my way to work. Now, I always have a healthy breakfast and lunch ready that keeps me going until dinner time. I haven't looked or felt this good in a long time. Healthy food doesn't have to be boring or time-consuming!

Update: The folks at Splendid Spoon are extending a special offer to our readers! For a limited time get $15 OFF any plan!

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