Everything You Need To Know About The New York Times Wine Club

There's something so special about finally breaking out that bottle of wine you've been saving for a momentous occasion. There's, of course, the doubt - is this the perfect time? There's the anticipation of opening the bottle, selecting the taster, the further anticipation that this will be a wonderful bottle…

If you want more of those memorable experiences, you need more bottles of fine wine! Finding the wines that will reward you for waiting until just the right moment can be tricky. You don't want to pay a fortune, but you're willing to pay for good quality; that's where The New York Times Wine Club comes in. They offer a premium level membership that delivers wines you'll love which will only deepen and bloom with age.

Curious about receiving high-end bottles right on your doorstep? Here are all the answers to your questions.

Okay, what exactly is a wine club?

Wine clubs help you discover wines you wouldn't ordinarily choose; sometimes they're from rare vineyards or exclusively offered by the wine retailer. They send bottles directly to your door at regular intervals, such as every month.

I tried a wine club before and I wasn't a fan - how is the New York Times Wine Club different?

The premiere membership offers the good stuff. The really good stuff. They work directly with vineyards and distributors to provide a variety of wines from the world's best wine regions. On average, bottles are sold individually for $30. They also offer perfectly paired recipes from The New York Times and Times Tastings Notes, so you can learn about the wine and increase your wine knowledge. If you constantly dog-ear the Food Section, this club is probably for you.

How often do they deliver?

This subscription is much more flexible than others - you can choose to receive six wines every two months, or every three months. If that's not enough, you can rebuy your favorites from their convenient wine store.

What if I don't like one of the wines?

If you find that a bottle doesn't meet your palate's expectations, contact support and they'll replace the bottle with a different one or send you a credit. Their elite team of wine experts only selects one out of every fifty bottles they taste to be sold to members. That's how you get the best of the best.

Am I locked into a subscription?

You're free to cancel your membership at any time. There's also a membership that offers shipments of $15 wines if you want more affordable, everyday bottles with one, two, or three-month deliveries.

This is a wine club that doesn't merely feature the trendiest wines, but the best wines. Each bottle is hand-selected just for you, whether you're toasting a new job, or savoring a Marcella Hazan sauce. Again, this is the best stuff. With The New York Times Reserve Wine Club, get ready to celebrate any amazing opportunity or milestone that comes your way.

UPDATE: Our friends at the New York Times Wine Club are offering our readers a special discount. Use code "POP" to get $50 off your first shipment - that's 6 bottles for only $40!

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