No More Excuses - How I Got In Shape With This Fitness App

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If there's one thing missing from my weekly routine, it's a more consistent workout schedule. Exercise is super important to me—both for my mental and physical health—but most days there simply isn't enough time to get a workout in after a hectic 9-hour work day, errands, cooking, and more. Like most people who want to get into shape, I had a million excuses to skip working out.

I was on the hunt for a good at-home workout when a friend recommended the fitness app Aaptiv. The app offers over 3,000 workouts and training sessions based on your fitness goals, each guided by a professional trainer. The workouts are broken down into specifics, so it's easy to browse the app by the style and approach of the trainer, music preferences, length of workout, and more. Aaptiv offers everything from outdoor guided runs to stair climbers and rowing sessions, but since I was interested in working out from the comfort of my home, my go-to classes are strength training, meditation, yoga, and pilates. Best of all, Aaptiv takes all of my excuses to skip working out and throws them out the window. Here are my four most common excuses to skip the gym, and how Aaptiv helps me conquer them.

1. “I don't have time to work out."

I'm the queen of pressing snooze one too many times to get to the gym before work. Luckily, Aaptiv has a ton of workouts I can do from home, many as short as 10 minutes long, so there's no reason not to squeeze in a little core blast or lunging session every day.

2. “I don't like working out with other people around."

If you're like me, you get gym anxiety—that feeling of being self-conscious and nervous around others in the gym, assuming they know exactly what they're doing and you're not so sure. Aaptiv's personal trainers talk you through exactly what to do, giving you the guidance you need to try free weights for the first time or discover the resistance setting on the stationary bike and totally feel like you belong. I use it at the gym to help me conquer my insecurity about being a fitness newbie.

3. “There's too much pressure to look good at the gym."

Wearing cute athleisure has become just as popular as actually working out, which really puts the pressure on gym goers. One of my favorite parts of Aaptiv is that I can workout while still in my pajamas or in a ratty t-shirt with holes on days I haven't done laundry.

4. “I never know what to do besides the treadmill or elliptical."

Finding new ways to spice up a fitness routine can be tough. Aaptiv offers personal guidance for trying out all kinds of new equipment, plus lets you dip your toes in cool kinds of classes like pilates, yoga, high-intensity intervals, meditation, and more.

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