The Secret To Feeling Great is Nutritionist Recommended Vitamins

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Last year, I was utterly convinced I had Lyme disease since I like to go hiking and I was feeling tired all the time. After my lab tests came back negative, it wasn't until my doctor asked about my Vitamin D levels that we realized I was deficient. It's true that I don't get enough leafy greens and with hiking, I still don't get enough sun exposure from all the trees.

After weeks of consuming increased Vitamin D levels, I felt much better, like my body could take me through the day without getting worn out, but I was still looking for a healthy source of increased energy. While complaining about waiting for coffee at work, I revealed that I was on my third cup, when my coworker told me she's down to one now that she added vitamins from MadeFor_ to her routine. MadeFor_ uses nutritionists to determine your vitamin and supplement needs on an individualized basis, and sends you packets of your special blend to be taken daily.

Nutrition can be complicated, and I aim to eat healthy every day, but inevitably, that means I sometimes fall short, especially when I'm stressed. Having nutritionist-selected vitamins that could boost my overall health without breaking the bank is an alternative I wanted to explore.

With online vitamin subscriptions like MadeFor_, you start with a quiz. Their quiz was created with an AI-engineered algorithm to give you the best recommendations for your needs. I liked the questions I was asked because it really made me think about my health in new ways. Was I getting enough sleep? Probably not. Do I tend to get colds often? Every season! They also asked me about my health goals, so they could better match me.

They offered me Vitamin D3, a B-complex vitamin, maca for energy, astaxanthin for an immune boost, and a pre /probiotic for gut health. I'd heard of probiotics, but never prebiotics, and the dark red astaxanthin capsule was intimidating, so I messaged my nutritionist to answer my concerns.

I reiterated my answers to the quiz, and she told me this would definitely be a good match for me since my stomach can be especially sensitive during times of stress (hi, IBS). Probiotics are live bacteria made from fermented foods like yogurt and kimchi that really help the colon, but prebiotics take a long time to digest, and they promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the colon. It's a more proactive way to improve gut issues.

She also told me that yes, the color of astaxanthin is foreboding, but that's just the color of the algae. It's an extremely potent antioxidant that could be extremely beneficial to my routine.

When my pills arrived, they had my name on each package, and were so easy to transport, I never forgot to take a dose.

After a few weeks, I had a little more overall energy and that's when my nutritionist messaged me to check in. She said she'll continue to check in periodically to make sure the supplements we chose are still supporting my needs. Now that I was feeling more alert, I suggested maybe switching out a pill to find a new one that would promote brain function, so I could feel more cognitive alertness at work.

She immediately recommended the CLA capsule, for its boost in alertness and in the new month, I had my new supplements, including the CLA pills which look so cool on camera. It's an ongoing evolution, and I'm glad I have someone to guide me to achieve my health goals.

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