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Recently, I've been finding this whole working from home thing pretty challenging. I've tried my best to stick to my routine, but it's gradually come to the point where I'm just rolling out of bed, eating some toast, and turning on my laptop.

But the hardest part about it is, once I start working, I find it hard to focus. I'm someone who works well having a team around them, so I've been finding it harder to focus when I'm by myself at home. Not to mention, the constant news bulletins coming in through my notifications are a huge distraction.

I was speaking to a colleague on a conference call and mentioned that I was finding it hard to focus, and they said that they were having similar issues because having their kids at home is a constant distraction, but started taking a supplement to help and has already seen an improvement. They said the supplement was by a brand called Objective- their Focus + Clarity capsules.

I've been roped into buying supplements before for energy from a different brand, but found they didn't really make a difference (and who knows what was in them), so I was skeptical that these ones would work, but I decided to check them out anyway.

I went on the Objective site, and was surprised to see how much science is actually behind these supplements. They chose a specific extract that was subject to multiple clinical trials - all with great results

I found it comforting that the ingredients were clearly labelled, and were coming from what the world already gives us - The main ingredient is an extract called Monophenal from particular varieties of French grape and wild blueberry, which promotes sharper thinking.

I thought, why don't I just eat some grapes? But the Memophenol in these is extremely concentrated - much more than what we would ingest in these fruits.

When I read that it can give you a 4-hour brain boost in 90 minutes, I decided I'd order some to try. It arrived in a couple of days, straight to my doorstep, and I was excited to try it. The next day I took two as I woke up, about an hour before work.

About 2 hours later, I noticed that I had been working non-stop without realizing. I normally have to take a break for some coffee at about 11 o'clock, but this day I kept working til 12. My concentration definitely improved. The rest of the week, the same thing happened. I noticed I was able to focus so much better throughout the day. Not only did I not get sucked into a black hole of depressing articles, I didn't even stray from my work to glance at them.

I kept taking the capsules everyday, and I've just finished my second week now. I've noticed I have more mental energy and need to take less breaks throughout the day. I'm much sharper and I don't daydream as much anymore. I really didn't expect to see such strong results, I'm definitely going to continue taking them.

I'm so glad I decided to try Objective Focus + Claritycapsules, I'd recommend them to anyone who's been struggling to focus recently. Plus, for the months of April and May, for every order, Objective is donating a bottle of one of their products to hospital workers on the front lines, so now's a great time to try them.

Our partners at Objective are currently offering a 25% discount if you use the coupon code STAYHOME. Check them out here!

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