Can A Daily Supplement Really Help Me Focus?

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The holiday season, the busiest time of the year! If I'm not running around stressing about presents and having the house ready, it's my deadlines at work. And with everything going on this year I'm already feeling over stretched, and the year isn't even over yet

Feeling tired with lower energy levels and not being able to focus with longer work days is not what I need or how I want to end this year. I wanted to fix the problem now, so I'll be feeling good in time for the new year. I started to plan my days and weeks, putting actual pen to paper and making daily to-do lists.

It was a step in the right direction but I couldn't ignore how drained my body and head were feeling. My partner commented that I needed to start taking a multivitamin or supplement to give me a boost. "They don't really work, full of synthetic chemicals our bodies can't even process".

"Not Paelovalley, their supplements are made with organic whole superfoods' ', she swiftly replied, "Their Turmeric and Vitamin C Complex are what I've been taking every morning and I can really feel the difference".

I found myself checking out Paleovalley to see what they really put in their supplements.

Paelovalley not only uses organic whole superfoods to produce their supplements but they're also GMO-free, contain zero fillers or grains and every ingredient they use is backed with scientific evidence.

I stumbled upon their NeuroEffect supplement and at first glance, it looked like exactly what I needed. A supplement made with a blend of 8 full spectrum mushroom extracts and whole organic coffee fruit extract. To be honest I didn't understand the Neurofactor part until I read what each ingredient does for the body.

One of the mushrooms, called Lion's Mane, stimulates the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) which is what your brain needs to function in order to have mental focus, function, and clarity. And that's not all-the 8 different types of mushrooms used help with increased energy levels and stamina, boosting the immune system, increase in sleep quality, reduced stress, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties along with supporting healthier skin.

The coffee fruit extract also increases your levels of BDNF, making this supplement really stand out. You get the brain-boosting effects of coffee without the jitters or crash you get with caffeine.

I was pretty impressed with what I was reading, so I decided to try them. NeuroEffect costs just $49.99 for 120 capsules, which is a whole month's supply.

I knew it would take a least a few weeks to see if I really felt any benefit, so after one week I was shocked to be getting through my workday faster. Same amount of work in less time, I'll take that.

After two weeks my wife noticed I wasn't complaining about how stressed or tired I was anymore. I also noticed how much easier it was to relax and switch off in the evenings while still staying focused and productive throughout the day.

The fact that Paleovalley uses whole food ingredients that are cultivated naturally and organically and are tested twice for quality with zero grains means their supplements are more powerful.

Once my months supply was gone, my next bottle of Paleovalley Neuro-Effect had already arrived. This time I opted for their subscription, which saves me money and now I know it works. My head and body feel healthier and stronger for the holidays and I feel resilient entering the New Year with Paleovalley's Neuro-Effect supplement.

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