Push It To The Limit With This 14-Day Fitness Challenge

Because the biggest challenge is just getting started.

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Bathing suit season's coming up, and sometimes the best way to get back into exercising if you've fallen behind in the winter (which, who hasn't) is to commit to a short but tough challenge to get back into working out. It takes three weeks to form a habit, so make the start by downloading Aaptiv and doing this 14-day challenge to power up your metabolism, your brain, your immune system, and your life.

As a personal trainer, I recommend easing yourself into a 2 week challenge that works around your schedule. You don't have to go to the gym--there are so many great options that let you work out right at home. My personal favorite is Aaptiv. Aaptiv is a workout app with audio classes for every type of fitness, from yoga to boxing. Aaptiv goes everywhere you go and has personalized instructions to keep you on track. You can filter workouts by duration, difficulty (beginner, intermediate, advanced), and even by music, whether you like sweating to Pop, Rap, Country or Classic Rock. I use it while at the gym, to get that personal trainer experience and guidance (yes, even trainers need a trainer).

Here's my 14 day challenge to jumpstart your fitness goals using Aaptiv:

HIIT (Mondays and Fridays)


We're gonna start and finish the week strong with short but intense HIIT workouts. You can pick the equipment, but we want to aim for a workout that's between 10 - 15 minutes, so look through the app for workouts labelled "HIIT," "Intervals," or "Speed Work." I suggest trying "Visualize It," a 13-minute HIIT workout on the treadmill, or "Take The Road On" for 9 minutes on an indoor cycle. If you don't have access to a gym you can try "Continuous Improvement," a 14-minute bodyweight workout right at home, or step outside and start "Running Like A Diva."

Strength (Tuesdays and Saturdays)


Strength is important for overall fitness, and will improve your muscle definition and even posture. Find a workout that is 20+ minutes and categorized as "Full Body." If you have access to a gym, pick a workout that includes equipment or weights. Some of my favorites are "Uplifting and Strong," "Work It to Whitney," and "Strength of a Tiger."

Steady State (Wednesdays)


For Steady State you want to aim for a slightly longer, 30+ minute cardio workout which will help improve your endurance, burn fat, and increase oxygen flow through the body. There's a ton of options to help you achieve this on Aaptiv. If you're into yoga, "Vinyasa Flow" or "Workout Yoga." You can "Push Past the Rhythm" with a more challenging workout on the elliptical.

Core (Thursdays)


It's important to strengthen our core, since a strong core can prevent injury, help with balance, and improve your posture. Even one day a week of core exercises can have an impact. Get that strong stomach with "Abs on Fuego" or a tough yoga routine like "Core Flow." Is Thursday a busy day for you? That's no excuse! Do a quick 10 minutes with the "Kitchen Sink Core" workout. No, don't worry, you won't actually need access to a kitchen sink.

Active Recovery (Sundays)


It's important to get rest, but that doesn't mean sitting on the couch all day. Recover with a light workout that gets your body moving and helps loosen your muscles. A "Stretching" workout or "Restorative Flow" yoga class is perfect, like "Release, Recover" or "Strong and Stretched." If you need an excuse to get out of your pajamas and head outside, try one of the longer "Walk" routines.

Here's the secret; you can change up any of these workouts to match your fitness level and schedule. Test yourself by sticking to a routine for just 14 days to emerge with a brand new mindset. Achieve this using Aaptiv it's extremely simple, user friendly and all for just $99/year (snag the first week free by clicking below).

Update 03/05/2019: Do better in 2019, try Aaptiv. Unsure? Follow this link to sign up online and get the first week of Aaptiv FREE!

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