Why PXG's Mobile Club Fitting is a Hole-in-One for Golfers

Why PXG's Mobile Club Fitting is a Hole-in-One for Golfers

Since bursting onto the golf scene, PXG has become a favourite amongst players seeking high-performance and ultra-forgiving, custom-fit golf clubs. Tee to green, PXG well and truly has you covered with golf gear, accessories and a range of stylish (yet super comfy) golf and lifestyle apparel.

So, when I found out PXG offers a mobile fitting experience at golf locations around the country, I was all over it. As a sports editor, I had to have a bash at this unique offering, and here's the tea:

What's the Deal with PXG's Mobile Club Fitting?

I'm a keen golfer, hitting the greens as often as I can over the past few years. But, truth be told, I'm a bit pants at seeking out help.

The dream? A top-notch set of clubs. The nightmare? Wandering aimlessly around a random pro shop, too petrified to ask for help.

So, when the chance to try PXG's mobile fitting came up, I was on it faster than you can say "fore!"

How Does PXG's Mobile Fitting Work?

Duration: Roughly 2 hours

Think of it as the difference between snagging a suit off the peg and having one meticulously crafted by a tailor. With a custom fitting, you're getting a set of clubs that work with and for your unique swing. And trust me, I need all the extra help I can get when I hit the links.

Booking is simple. Pop over to PXG's website, pick your location, punch in your details, and voilà, you're booked in. They've teamed up with a heap of golf clubs and ranges across the country, so you're sure to find a spot that's convenient. I picked a place a stone's throw from my house for a fitting one glorious afternoon.

Don't forget to bring your current clubs (if you have any) and kit yourself out as if you're gearing up for a full 18. We’re talking golf glove, golf shoes and anything you’d typically bring to play!

My Experience

Right off the bat, I was greeted by PXG's mobile fitting maestro, who rocked up in a sleek black van. It was clear I was in for a treat.

He laid out the plan, diving into the science behind their clubs before we hit the range. The PXG van is a veritable Aladdin's cave of wonders on wheels, stocked with a huge selection of shafts, trackman gear, club heads, and more.

Then, we hit the range. I warmed up while my master fitter watched my swing with a 7-iron. He then began to build different combinations of PXG golf clubs for me, perfectly combining a recommended shaft with different heads and weight configurations. With each swing, Trackman tech is used to snag a bunch of data points, all the while tweaking and fine-tuning the clubs to find the perfect fit for my game.

What I Learned

PXG's mobile fittings aren't about overhauling your swing; they're about enhancing what you've already got. It's not about fitting you to the club, but the club to you.

We went through a thorough process of trial and adjustment. By the end, I had a list of PXG club specs that were custom-fitted to me, and a set of personal stats that had my golf mates green with envy.

Final Thoughts

Going in, I was a tad sceptical. But with the fitter’s expertise, combined with PXG's uncompromising quality and performance-enhancing club tech, the mobile PXG fitting has made a convert out of me. I might still be a greenhorn on the green, but I'm now a PXG devotee for life.

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