I Never Thought CBD Would Work For Me Until I Tried Quanta

The only CBD product that ever helped me with my pain

I started to have a bad back a few years ago. It would come and go, particularly after longs days or after working out. I went to the doctor and determined it wasn't anything serious. He recommended a few things for me to try.

The one thing I didn't want to get into the habit of was taking pain medication. So, I tried all of his other recommendations - acupuncture, stretching, and yoga. I even tried a new mattress. Nothing worked.

Then I came across an article about the benefits of CBD. I originally thought that people just used it to relieve stress, but after reading up on it, I saw that CBD can also be used for pain relief. I highly doubted it would work for me, but at this stage, I was willing to try anything.

So, I went into the local health store and bought a tincture of CBD to try and lo and behold, it didn't work. It just tasted disgusting, and that was it. I told myself that was the last time I would buy into any new medical craze.

Then one day at work, my back started to get at me again, and my colleague asked what was wrong. I explained my back issues to them, and that's when he told me about a brand of CBD that works wonders for his wife who has arthritis in her hands – Quanta.

I told him I already tried CBD, and it didn't work, but then he explained to me that this was a topical treatment and that his wife also tried many different CBD brands – topical and ingestible – before finally finding that Quanta was the only one that worked for her.

After my many failed attempts to relieve this pain, I really didn't think anything would work. But I decided to check out Quanta's site anyway. After reading that they only have 150mg of CBD I was even more skeptical - out of all the CBD products I'd seen, that definitely seemed on the weaker side.

But they have a money-back guarantee, they worked for my colleague's wife, and there were tons of good reviews on the website. So I thought, why not give it a shot? I took the plunge and ordered the CBD Rub Plus (Extra Strength)

I wondered how it worked so well with only 150mg CBD inside. Turns out, it's because of their unique polarizing technology - polarized ingredients are more energized, creating deeper absorption through dermal layers of the skin. It absorbs 5 times more effectively than any other type of CBD.

It's a pretty cool process - they use industrial-strength magnets to energize the molecules, so it better matches the receptors in your brain, leading to faster relief. I felt better about the fact that I didn't need to use a really strong product to take away the pain. Quanta is all about quality, not quantity. Plus, the product is all-natural, I would never need to use pain meds.

The rub lasted me a whole 6 weeks. And it was the most productive 6 weeks I could remember in a while. I was able to get more things done throughout the day and even enjoyed going on walks again. Before the rub ran out - I went back on the website to order a bundle.

Quanta's CBD muscle rub has really changed life for me. I was at my wits' end when it came to my back pain and thought there was nothing left I could do to relieve it. Now that I've found Quanta, I feel like the old me again. I'd recommend Quanta to anyone who wants to relieve pain - whether it's arthritis, a migraine, a chronic injury, or even post-workout muscle pain.

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