Looking For Comfort And Style? Read This

Looking For Comfort And Style? Read This

I can't remember the last time I wore proper clothes, did my makeup and went out for a relaxing dinner, and talked with my friends in real life? The part of my closet which contains all my nice outfits hasn't been touched in over a year-- it's just gathering dust and cobwebs. On the other hand, I've used my lounge and sleepwear so much they're faded and worn out.

I've been working from home for so long that I've hopped on the Zoom call trend of wearing a formal top while sporting my comfiest lounge pants. Even then, it's beyond time to update my wardrobe or at least my loungewear!

I clicked through countless fashion websites and nothing caught my eye, they were all either too stuffy or too casual. What's a girl have to do to find cut, comfy loungewear that won't break the bank?

I talked to my friends and we were all having the same problem. Until my friend, Melissa suggested we look up Savage X Fenty. I finished my glass of wine, got off FaceTime, and scrolled through their page to see if Melissa was right.

Their lingerie line is spectacular, the fact that they have every size and different designs is glorious to see. There were a few pieces that caught my eye, but first things first- loungewear!

Savage X Fenty is providing what all of us gals need- cute, stylish loungewear that will make us look and feel put together, without skipping the comfy aspect. Their leggings, crop tops, and knit sweatpants are beautiful. However, the must-have I need in my wardrobe is the Forever Savage Hooded Onesie.

This ultra-cozy hooded onesie is made of fleece and has a gold-toned zipper. Easy to wash and wear, it seemed perfect for the cold weather.

To help keep us ladies stocked up on all of the essentials we need, Savage X Fenty has an awesome membership that I just couldn't resist.

As an XTRA VIP Member, you'll get access to new drops, limited editions and save to 25% daily. Plus, new XTRA VIP members get 50% off your entire first purchase!

Here's how it works: Shop, or log into your account to 'Skip the Month' by the 5th of each month, and you won't be charged. If you don't 'Skip', your payment method will be charged $49.95 on the 6th of each month and you will receive one VIP Member Credit valued at $49.95.

Your VIP Member Credit goes into your account to spend or save. It can be used on purchases of $49.95 or more and must be used in full in order to be redeemed. Your credits will never expire.

I quickly added the Forever Savage Hooded Onesie to my cart and checked out. When it arrived (promptly!) at my door, I was so pleased. It's exactly how it looked on their website, and the material is so soft.

My Platinum Grey Onesie is the comfiest and most snug item I've worn in a long time. It's the perfect onesie, with a hood and sleeves that are just long enough.

The onesie has style and the top looks like a hoodie, meaning, I don't have to change for Zoom meetings. I can sit in my loungewear all day!

I told my friends I'd picked up the Platinum Grey onesie, and it turns out, they all have one, too. So now we all sit on FaceTime in our matching onesies sharing our glasses of wine.

The Savage X Fenty XTRA VIP Membership is a game-changer. I've been giving my lingerie and loungewear drawer a much-needed upgrade the last few weeks, and boy does it feel good.

If you need a gift idea or you just want to get yourself some fabulous new loungewear, I highly recommend the Forever Savage Hooded Onesie. Because, after all, you can never have too much loungewear.

UPDATE: Fall in Love With Your Lingerie Again, Get 50% Off Your First Purchase When You Become an Xtra VIP Member!

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