5 Surprise Facts About Protein Powder

No two people are the same, so their protein powder shouldn't be either. That's why Gainful creates a customized protein powder designed for every customer with expert nutritional insight to work best for your body and needs. After taking their short and easy quiz, Gainful's experts create a totally unique protein powder mix to help you achieve your goals---that is delivered right to your door every month.

But, why do I really need personalized protein? You may be asking. Can it really make a difference? Well, it turns out there's more to consider when it comes to protein than meets the eye. Here are the 5 things you probably aren't considering if you buy generic protein at the store.

1. There's A Protein Gender Divide

You don't have to be a scientist to see many of the differences between men and women's bodies. Recently, more studies have been done to highlight how our bodies actually function differently on the inside, too -- including how we breakdown and absorb protein. The Institute of Medicine recommends women consume about 20% less protein than men, which is especially important to consider since your body will store unused protein as fat. There are also studies showing that different kinds of protein may be more effective for women than men (and vice versa).

2. Different Proteins Absorb...Differently!

Whey protein digests quickly and is rich in branched-chain amino acids, helping the body absorb it more quickly for workout recoveries. Studies also show that whey protein decreases appetite, and helps people reach their fat loss goals. On the other hand, casein protein absorbs more steadily throughout the day, and studies show it's a good choice for men looking to gain muscle mass. Pea protein is somewhere in between the two but has been proven effective at lowering elevated blood pressure.

3. You Want To Meet Your #Goals, Not Someone Else's

Think about it: if you're building glamour muscles for competition, trying to lose weight before bikini season, or an athlete training before your season starts, you'll need a different protein mix to obtain each goal. Did you know that protein isolates are filtered to remove fat and carbs, while protein hydrolysates are heated to absorb faster? Don't worry, Gainful's experts do, which is why they ask about what kinds of exercises you do and what goals you're trying to achieve before they create your protein mix.

4. Weight And Age Play A Huge Factor

At different points in your life, you may need more or less protein, due to your body's changing hormones and muscle mass. As we age, our bodies start to naturally lose muscle mass, so higher protein intake is needed for older adults that want to stay strong. BMI also has an effect on how well protein will absorb in your body, so it's important to take into account your age and weight when considering protein.

5. Dietary Restrictions Can Be Hard To Pinpoint

All protein powders seem pretty safe, but you'd be surprised to learn how many different kinds of protein powders contain common allergens, or won't align with vegan diets. The most popular form of protein, whey, actually comes from milk. Gainful's quiz lets you put in your exact dietary restrictions, so whether you are lactose or gluten-free, you'll have a protein blend made specifically for you.

There's a lot to think about when it comes to making sure your protein powder really works for you. Luckily, Gainful's experts will do the work for you, and create a personalized mix that comes in delicious flavors. That way you can rest assured that every rep counts towards making your #gainsgoals a reality.

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