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This "Walking Dead" Brain Burger Is More Terrifying Than the Show

It's a marketing gimmick more disturbing than the zombie apocalypes.

Brain Burger


Do you remember the first scene of the first episode of AMC's The Walking Dead?

Rick is wandering a wasteland of death and desolation, when he finds a young girl walking alone, dragging a teddy bear.

He calls out to her, and she turns to his voice, revealing a ravaged, zombified face, and he fumbles for his gun as she walks toward him. The shock of that opening moment helped propel the show to become an overnight phenomenon with the result that the show is still running more than 10 years later and has spawned two spin-off series.

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TikTok has seriously changed our lives. I’m constantly convinced to buy products based on a short video some random influencer shot in her bedroom. There’s a continuous flow of information flung our way via this singular video-based social media app.

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What the Hell, Rihanna?

Johnny Depp will be the first man featured in the upcoming Savage x Fenty fashion show and it's a weird, weird move

Rihanna Savage Fenty Show

By Andrea Raffin via Shutterstock

Someone needs to explain this to me. Because I really-really don’t understand. Why the hell are celebrities so eager to rally around Johnny Depp in the wake of the Amber Heard trial?

Sure, sexism. Heard was endlessly ridiculed and villainized all over social media, which made the coverage of the trial problematic, to say the least. The case was complex, but the coverage was pretty one-sided. And it wasn’t good for women. Out came all the old tropes, and slowly all the progress from the Me-Too era vanished before my eyes. The urge to “Believe Women'' seems dead in the water.

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao

“The Ugliest Shoe Ever Made”

In 2002, brightly colored foam clogs named Crocs were released to utter derision by the masses. The chunky, child-like shoes made their debut at a Fort Lauderdale boat show and were instantly deemed by the culture to be one of the ugliest shoes on the planet.

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LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 02: Models (L-R) Lily Aldridge, Candice Swanepoel, Doutzen Kroes and Alessandra Ambrosio during 2014 VS Fashion Show on December 2, 2014 in London, England

Photo by fashionstock

Foldover yoga pants with PINK emblazoned on the back, bras embellished with fake diamonds, models sporting angel wings strutting down the runway. This is the Victoria’s Secret we grew up loving.

Victoria’s Secret Pink was the brand in middle school. The ultimate uniform consisted of those glorious yoga pants (bootcut, of course) and a v-neck with the lace bandeau underneath. Topped off with a spritz - or ten - of Very Sexy perfume, and you were ready to face the day.

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Brent Faiyaz and Tyler, the Creator Drop New Song "Gravity"

Brent Faiyaz, DJ Dahi, and Tyler, the Creator are the perfect trio in their new collaboration.

Brent Faiyaz is back and he is not playing games with us.

His new song, released on Youtube today, is produced by DJ Dahi, who is known for producing songs like "Worst Behavior" by Drake, "Money Trees," by Kendrick Lamar, as well as music by Dr. Dre, Mac Miller, and Childish Gambino, amongst others.

Titled "Gravity" (feat. Tyler, The Creator), the track came with the pre-title "Songs from Scratch" or "SFS," leading fans to whisper about the possibility of an upcoming project.

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