Six Reasons Dental Hygienists Should Move To Tend

Tend Dental Hygienist

The dental industry has long needed a modern update, and Tendwas among the first to reimagine dentistry.

Tend has consistently blown us away with their gorgeous, sleek interiors, streaming TV and sunglasses while you get your teeth cleaned, and most importantly -- their genuine judgment-free attitudes. They also have an Instagram-worthy Brushery, so patients can brush away their breakfast and lunch before their cleaning appointment.

Tend checks every box for us when it comes to community and culture, but when we saw their actual benefits of working there, a few of us considered a move from our current careers to dentistry!

Here are six reasons (including medical benefits!) dental hygienists in Washington D.C. should make the move to Tend:

Hourly Rates & Sign-On Bonus

Tend is a strong competitor in the dental industry and starts their rate at $55 an hour in D.C. with a signing bonus up to $7,500.

401(k) & Matching

Turning 65 might seem far away, but saving for retirement should be a non-negotiable. Tend will match any 401k contributions with a 4% match -- this is free money that Tend is investing in your retirement!

Continuing Education at TendU

Okay, this one is a game-changer. We've all felt like we've learned everything a job had to offer at one point. Tend offers extensive continuing education programs through TendU, so you'll always have a way to sharpen and discover more skills.

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Top Of The Line Technology

One of the best parts about working at Tendis access to incredible technology. They utilize digital charts, seamless X-ray integration using low radiation, and microphones to capture voice commands to input periodontal charts. Plus, there are digital scanners to capture 3D smiles, making for patient education even easier.

The most exciting news is that they are the first to develop an interactive mobile app that helps guide members through their dental needs.


Accruing PTO at some companies can feel eternal. And then once you have the PTO, asking to take it can feel like pulling teeth. Tend offers generous PTO plans, as well as all company holidays.

Customer Reviews

The company you work for should reflect the same things you value. Tend has hundreds of 5-star reviews surrounding their hygienists, service, and hospitality.

Tend has gone above and beyond for their clients since their very first cleaning, and now they're proving that they do the same for their employees. Tend knows that income is far more than just a dollar amount for each employee. While hourly rate is important -- and we can't iterate this enough -- it isn't everything.

Things like PTO, health insurance, and commuter benefits all come out of your paycheck in one way or another. If you're paying out of pocket for continuing education, health benefits, or even your scrubs, you're losing money that a company like Tend could be covering for you.

At Tend, Hygienists are an integral part of the team and play a key role in their success. The benefits, culture, and genuine care Tend has for their employees should be a case study for dentists everywhere.

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