How Splendid Spoon Helped Me Ring In The New Year!

3 Habits To Kick In 2020 (It Might Be Easier Than You Think!)

I consistently suck at New Year's Resolutions, but I think I've finally cracked why: I fail when I have no support system.

For me, that can mean anything from a buddy to tell me to do another push-up to owning a large stock of nail polish so I can't bite my fingernails.

This year, I have 3 goals, but I've found something that will support me to achieve all 3. I want to be healthier and more mindful in my eating and food purchasing habits, so I'm signing up for Splendid Spoon.

They send vegan and nutritious low-sugar low-calorie soups, smoothies, and grain bowls to your door, so it takes all the inconvenience out of eating more mindfully.

If deep down you know it's time, here are the top 3 habits you need to quit in 2020:

  1. Stop Overspending

Anyone else's 2019 bank statements look like a crime scene? Who buys this many paper towels?! When you don't plan, you always spend so much more money for convenience, I've realized. That means buying a new umbrella mid-downpour because you forgot to check the weather or splurging on holiday makeup even when you've got a pound of unopened glitter in your bathroom. Becoming organized, setting a weekly budget, and planning for the next day is going to save you so much money in the new year,

2. Stop Food Waste

Just so I don't have to look at another rotten onion in my fridge, I need to start learning how to cook my produce before it goes bad. Americans waste on average nearly a pound of food per day. That's so much!!!

If you plan your meals accordingly, or order from a service that sends individual meals to you, you'll stop aspiring to cook 3-course meals and then throwing out the ingredients 2 weeks later when you realize that was impossible.

3. Eat More Plant-Based Meals

I could never give up my grandma's meatballs, but I definitely could cut back on the amount of meat and dairy I consume. Proud flexitarian over here.

Although soy and "impossible" faux meat options can be great alternatives, there's plenty of protein and satiating nutrients to be found in food mostly derived from plants.

The three biggest issues in Western diets are the high amount of sodium, the lack of whole grains, and the lack of fruit, which can all be remedied by eating with a plant-based mindset.

Again, you don't have to go vegan! But a diet rich in plants has amazing benefits for your body.

Because of my unflattering track record when it comes to New Year's Resolutions, I ordered Splendid Spoon to tackle my goals. I would've fallen on my face without this easy to follow program. With pre-made individually packaged meals delivered right to my door, it's so easy to say no to takeout, never overeat thanks to their portion-controlled servings, and eat plant-based (of course).

I'm never bored and always full with Blueberry Coconut Cinnamon Acai Smoothies and Mexican Chili with Ancho peppers and Chipotle spice. If you need to tackle your New Year's Resolutions around eating healthier or spending less money, Splendid Spoon is the way to go.

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