Why You Need To Try Splendid Spoon's Plant-Based Superfoods

Why You Need To Try Splendid Spoon's Plant-Based Superfoods

Bland tofu and overcooked limp vegetables are not the reality of a vegan or plant-based diet anymore. There's so much more delicious variety to choose from now! Trying a plant-based diet can actually introduce you to new foods that you might've never tried before.

A vegan lifestyle strictly removes all animal products like red meat and dairy products from your diet, whereas eating plant-based does not mean you can't eat meat it just means you favor more plant-based foods. It means your meals are mostly plants: vegetables, whole grains, and fruits along with beans, seeds, and nuts. (And honey!; a non-vegan plant-based favorite.)

The plant-based diet has become very popular lately with many people wanting to find new ways to become more eco-friendly, aside from recycling and reducing their use of plastic. Eating less meat is one of the most impactful things you can do as an individual.

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The positive environmental impact isn't the only reason people are switching, there are also many health benefits from eating plant-based meals. Plants have essential nutrients that you cannot get from other foods. The vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants in plants help keep your cells healthy and your body in balance. This helps to boost your immune system, neutralizes toxins from pollution, bacteria, viruses, and reduces inflammation throughout the body and can remove free radicals in the body.

Plants contain a lot of fiber, which is so important to have in your diet, particularly to maintain a healthy gut. Fiber ensures you are better able to absorb the nutrients from food, it can lower cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar, and it's great for good bowel management. As plant-based diets focused on whole foods that are unprocessed it helps maintain a healthy weight.

There are so many reasons to try a plant-based diet but still, people stumble and find it hard to fully commit. Like every lifestyle change, it can seem daunting and complicated. You need to research new foods and then recipes on how to cook them properly and you have to make sure you are still getting a balanced meal. For plant-based newbies and for people who have got into a rut with their plant-based eating it can seem like too much effort.

But thankfully the meal delivery industry has taken notice of the plant-based movement and wants to make eating plant-based meals easy, convenient, and headache-free. Daily Harvest, Revive, Splendid Spoon all deliver plant-based smoothies and soup variations full of superfoods that are nutrient-dense right to your door ready to heat up or blend and eat. It makes trying or continuing your plant-based eating so simple.

After trying them, Splendid Spoon stood out for so many reasons; Firstly their smoothies were the largest so they keep you fuller for longer and feels like a meal instead of a snack. The flavors of their smoothies were also the best, Mango Guava, Dragon Fruit Berry, and even Mint Chip. Not your regular banana and strawberry. And the grain bowls and soups didn't disappoint either, so much variety and flavors with interesting new ingredients, that are delicious and the perfect size.

Splendid spoon takes the plant-based diet seriously and wants to boost its benefits.They fill all their recipes with superfoods such as acai to strengthen immunity and boost energy, Spirulina to jump-starts endurance, and baobab for great skin. Along with tons of other natural all-star ingredients that help you feel your best. They also have lemon and ginger Wellness Shots for an extra immunity boost and a Kale and Aleo Detox Shot.

All Splendid Spoon recipes are low in sugar, vegan, and GMO-free. They have a variety of 40+ meals to choose from each week, so you'll never get bored. Plus Splendid Spoon is so affordable at around $8 a meal. Such good value for plant-based meals packed with so many nutrient-dense ingredients.

If you have ever wanted to try a vegan or plant-based diet but never knew where to start, or if you need to add some variety to your plant-based diet you need to try Splendid Spoon. It's a delicious, convenient, no-fuss way to feel your best, reduce your risk of certain diseases and you even get to help our planet.

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