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On This Day: In 1992, Pavement Released "Slanted and Enchanted"

Often imitated, but never replicated, the legendary band's debut album is a defining touchstone in indie rock.

In 1990, two childhood friends named Stephen Malkmus and Scott Kannberg met up with a recording studio owner named Gary Young and decided to make an album.

They called themselves Pavement and called their album Slanted and Enchanted; its title came from a drawing by Malkmus' then-roommate (and Silver Jews frontman) David Berman, and its cover art was nearly a carbon copy of piano duo Ferrante & Teicher's Keyboard Kapers. Kannberg spent the following months trying to find a label to release the record. Somehow, against all odds, Slanted and Enchanted—officially released on April 20, 1992—would end up becoming one of indie rock's most definitive and beloved albums of all time.

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Versace Brings Back Iconic Biggie Frame for One Month Only

The newly acquired brand updates its classic sunglasses inspired by the Notorious B.I.G.


Photo by Jacob Vizek - Unsplash

Biggie Smalls wasn't only known for his rapping skills.

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The Chordaes | What Do You Want From Me

The Chordaes are taking us back in time this week.

Native New York band The Chordaes are lovers of classic rock- all things nineties included. This shines through in their sound: a sweet blend of classic rock and power pop. Recently, The Chordaes have released a new EP In Itinere which has garnered great reviews from Impose Magazine and more. The band's recent single "What Do You Want From Me?" and it's accompanying visual as received praise from PopMatters and All Things Go. The music video was directed by legendary Phil Harder who has worked with the likes of The Afghan Whigs, Robert Plant, Billy Talent, Prince, Rob Thomas, Matchbox Twenty, Incubus, and many more.

Watch "What Do You Want From Me?" here.

The music video is brilliant (obviously), vibrant, and moody in all the right ways. The visual plays with the line of reality and subconscious, sobriety and intoxication, dream and awake. The pastiche of the Busby Berkely choreography flirts with the groovy seventies feeling they've created with the colors and movement in the visual. The gorgeous colors and layers of the music video only heighten the rich layers of the song. I love that there is a performance aspect to the video showcasing the band themselves.

Comprised of Leo Sawikin (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Ethan Glenn (Drums), Nick McFly (Bass), Dan Cobert (Keys), and Kevin Foley (Guitar/Backing Vocals) the sound of The Chordaes is full and powerful. Today, Leo Sawikin has curated a playlist of his favorite songs from the nineties just for Popdust readers. He says, "This list comprises songs by alternative rock bands who wanted to be more than just plain alt rock and transcended their genres."

Check out Leo's playlist here:

New Radicals | "You Get What You Give"

This song by New Radicals combines Burt Bacharach-esque chords and melodies with a much more grungy vocal approach and arrangement. Major 9 chords ring out on the piano over a straightforward yet restrained beat.

For more of The Chordaes check out their recent EP In Itniere.

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Anie Delgado is a contributor to Popdust and is an actress and musician based in NYC. Follow her on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter and check out her music on Spotify.

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