Taylor Swift at the Toronto International Film Festival

Photo by Evan Agostini (Shutterstock)

As a kid, I was a die-hard Taylor Swift fan.

I have vivid memories of listening to "Fifteen" while playing Zoo Tycoon. I loved Taylor, all the way up through her "Mean" days. She seemed to stand for outsider girls like me, who like to turn events and feelings into words.

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#ILikeBernie, and the Cluelessness of Hillary Clinton

We are all nobodies in Hillary Clinton's eyes.

Indictment of Former US President Donald J. Trump, New York, USA - 04 Apr 2023 - A demonstrator with a Hillary Clinton cutout outside New York Criminal Court in NYC

Photo by WILL OLIVER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

In the 2016 Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton dominated the endorsement race.

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The 7 Craziest Things That Have Happened Since Trump Was Elected

It's Been Three Years Since Election Night, And It's Time Look Back on the Chaos


Three years ago today, The New York Times was still proudly proclaiming the near-certainty that Hillary Clinton would be our president, and we all pretty much assumed they were right.

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