Alberto Del Rio and Matt Hardy


Yesterday, the wrestling world was rocked by the news of WWE Legend The Big Show (real name Paul Wight) signing with their competition All Elite Wrestling, AKA AEW.

Wight's departure from WWE is due to what he feels was a lack of appreciation for a star with his tenure and experience. The 49-year-old giant signed with WWE in 1999 after his time in WCW and has been one of their biggest stars ever since.

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Cody & Brandi Rhodes


In many ways, professional wrestling is like a soap opera.

If you remove the spandex and suplexes, you'll find stories of hatred, betrayal, and love. While some of these romances are manufactured purely for entertainment purposes, others are genuine relationships that formed over time, since these performers are on the road over 300 days a year.

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Photo by Senad Palic on Unsplash

Yesterday, World Wrestling Entertainment announced that its current heavyweight champion Drew McIntyre tested positive for COVID-19.

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On December 26, professional wrestler Jon Huber-AKA Brodie Lee-passed away at 41.

He died from a lung issue that sidelined him from in-ring competition in October. Before his passing, Hubert wrestled for All Elite Wrestling. He debuted for the promotion in March after spending seven years in World Wrestling Entertainment under the name Luke Harper.

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Son of a Gunn Freestyle

Hip-Hop and professional wrestling have many parallels.

They are both filled with characters with larger-than-life personas that feed off the energy of their audiences and have critics who constantly question their authenticity. They also contain participants who tend to dabble in both.

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