I'll be honest here, there are three main things that keep me motivated to work out:

1) Thinking about all the food I can eat without feeling guilty if I burn more calories. Fudge brownies... mac n cheese... glazed donuts……...

2) My cute gym outfits from YogaClub: ladies, this is the BEST subscription box you'll ever get. They send you 3-piece, individually styled outfits from designer name brands at an unreal deal. First, you take a short style quiz online so they know what colors & styles & designs you like. Then, sit back (I mean, do some squats!) and wait for their expert fitness fashionistas to individually curate your outfit. Each box is just $79 for over $160 worth of athleisure. This saves you over 60% of what you would've paid in store since they only carry high-end brands like Beyond Yoga and Niyama Sol. It may sound silly, but opening my cute pink box and getting my new hand-picked outfit gets me so excited to look and feel amazing at the gym!

3) Watching cute GIFs of animals working out. Well, not really, but it's great procrastination and I tell myself that if they can do it, so can I. Here are a couple of my favs to help motivate you - and at the end of the list there's a special gift from YogaClub!

Friends who speed walk together, stay together

Laaadies, now let's get in formation

When Netflix 'n chill counts as your workout

When you tell yourself you're gonna do sit ups & then realize... that's not happening (watch until the very end!)

When all your fit friends are working out so now you have to

Yay! You made it to the end! Watching animals workout is pretty much like working out yourself… right? If that wasn't motivating enough for you, I highly recommend YogaClub. What's not to love about high-quality athleisure outfits for a price more amazing than these GIFs (almost)? You can pause or cancel your membership easily online, and there's no quarterly or annual commitment - you only pay when you're getting a new box. So now, take the 3-minute style quiz and get excited for your new outfit!

Get Motivated: Our friends at YogaClub are offering a special discount to our readers. Follow this link to knock your monthly price down from $79 to $69!