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Alessa Ray Drops Salsa-Latin-Fueled 'Mamacita'

Turns up the heat on 'Mamacita'

Photo Courtesy Alessa Ray

Originally from Paraguay, Los Angeles-based Latin pop singer-songwriter Alessa Ray recently dropped a new music video, called "Mamacita."

While competing in the Music Record Contest in her native country of Paraguay, she realized writing original songs was the best way to express her creativity. Self-releasing her music online, she started performing in regional clubs. Later, she relocated to Los Angeles, where she attended Musicians Institute and performed as a background singer, as well as working on her own music with session players.

Currently in the studio putting together music for her second EP, tentatively slated to drop in September, Ray's sound blends stylish, infectious pop, salsa, and EDM with a distinctive Spanglish charm. The music on the forthcoming EP is inspired by her life experiences, literature, and the unique personalities she's come into contact with.

"Mamacita" opens with a Latin-flavored piano and finger-snaps, and then flows into a swanky salsa/Latin groove alive with sumptuous sensuality. The rhythm throbs with voluptuous undulations and wicked sinuousness. Tantalizing, seductive harmonics marinated in erotic colors roll and swell with languid grace, imbuing the tune with sultry, simmering tumescence.

Ray's lush tones sparkle with posh, polished timbres, saturating the lyrics with oozing come-hither sultriness bordering on hedonistic self-indulgence. It's a voice exuding verve and vivacity, cool and steeped in steamy hues. This song cooks with sweltering erogenous energy.

The video, directed by ZANE, projects supercharged hormonal exuberance, as it depicts the electrifying atmosphere pervading a party.

"Mamacita" is cool and stylish, riddled with cool, gorgeous harmonics akin to a slo-mo atomic hurricane. This song is lit and Alessa Ray has it going on!

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