In 2019, the band Tool returned for the first time in 13 years, and we still don't know what that means.

Popdust didn't think the band's reunion was a big deal, considering how the band handled the extremely pretentious promotional process for Fear Inoculum. But it seemingly worked. Tool fans from all corners of the earth rushed to binge the 80-minute spectacle, and as the reviews started to pour in, the majority of them were positive.

We were left with a lot of questions. Tool is undoubtedly the greatest metal band of all time and have repeatedly challenged and changed the way human beings enjoy music.

With that said, this listicle comes from a genuine place. We want to enjoy Tool. We really do. But as one can imagine, the task feels insurmountable for us normies. Below are a few questions we would really like answered before diving into the Tool sensation.

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5 Unsettling Songs For These Unsettling Times

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On the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, co-host Jamil "Mal" Clay attempted to dissect Drake's latest single, "Laugh Now, Cry Later."

"Sh*t is so different now that we not outside," he said of the song. "I just can't feel music a certain way. I know it's a good record, but you can't really feel the record though."

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