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All The Rest Release 'Sleeping With The Lights On'

Retro flavors combined with luxe modern electro-pop.

Photo: Jesse Scimeca

Meet All The Rest, who premiere their new single "Sleeping With The Lights On."

Made up of four best friends who got together in a basement in Senoia, Georgia, a town famous as the filming location of The Walking Dead, All The Rest is comprised of Caleb Smith (vocals, guitar), Baylee Waller (vocals, guitar), Jud Harris (drums), and Tre Housman (bass).

Talking about the inspiration for the song, vocalist Baylee Waller says, "Being alone is a concept we can't escape in life. While some of us can manage, everyone else seems to go mad trying to escape loneliness. Personally, I like to BE alone, but I don't like to FEEL alone. At least that's the mindset that shaped what is now 'Sleeping With The Lights On.' It's somewhat of a cry for help that you don't want answered ... but you do."

In 2018, the band's single, "Waste My Money," hit the top spot on HypeM's chart. "Sleeping With The Lights On" is their first release of 2019, perfectly embodying the band's contagious sound, a blend of '80s retro with luxe modern electro-pop.

"Sleeping With The Lights On" opens on surfacing synths and filtered vocals flowing into a potent measured electro-pop groove. The nostalgia-laden background vocals are accompanied by radiant harmonies infusing the tune with a gleaming wall-of-sound. Waller's voice is rich and persuasive.

Retro filaments lend a distinctive ambiance, suffusing the music with nuances of uneasiness and lonely solitude.

Alluring suggestions of isolation traveling on buttery savors and strident urgency make "Sleeping With The Lights On" hypnotic.

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Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.

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