ANIIML Premieres Edgy, Primal "OH AWE"

Battle cries of a big hearted lover-of-all-life.


Sequoia Emmanuelle

Los Angeles songwriter, producer, and activist ANIIML, aka Lila Rose, unveils her third album, entitled OH AWE, on Popdust.

Inspired by a great personal loss, ANIIML explains the feelings contained within the album, "When I lost one of the closest people to me, the grief made it absolutely impossible to sit in my sh*t. It shook me free into a new level of joy, bliss, and essentially, a level of awakening."


Comprising 10-tracks of "witch-pop" with R&B flavors and layers of rumbling drums, entry points into OH AWE include "It's Over," featuring ANIIML's distinctly edgy voice.

Bluesy and powerful,"Ouch" reveals ANIIML's ability to sonically experiment. "Stronger Now" features some of the best, most heartfelt lyrics on the album.

Summarily, OH AWE is beautifully emotionally charged, at times fragile, but always fierce and haunting.

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